chance me

SAT: 2090
GPA: 3.4
lots of clubs, one sport
three humanitarian trips abroad: Russia, Panama, Dominican Republic
many local community service hours as well
two official visits, one interview
She is well-liked and has fantastic letter of rec
applied early decision</p>

<p>In state or out of state? What were her math and verbal scores on the SAT? What classes has she taken each year, and what were her grades?</p>

<p>out of state. Math was 680, I believe and verbal was close to perfect. Don't really want to list every class, but during 9th and 10th they were Honors (with one exception) and then Jr. & Sr, year, most are AP. She scored 4's and 5's on the AP exams. She is taking AP French, after five years previous, this year. Her GPA is a 3.4, so all A's and B's. Hope that helps!</p>

<p>With the information you've given, I'd say that ED is probably her best shot. Not to be rude, but if you can't be bothered to give more information, I'm not able to really respond more thoroughly. From everything I've seen, WM places a lot of focus on courses taken in high school. If she gets deferred in ED, you should definitely encourage her to cast a wide net for regular decision.</p>

<p>If you want a more thorough response--and if you want to take a look at any of the recent chance me threads, you'll see that I give thorough responses--post her schedule and grades.</p>

<p>Either way, best of luck.</p>

<p>thanks for your time. She def has more than a few other applications out there, but is hopeful for W&M.</p>