chance me?

<p>hi! I'm a 13 year old girl applying for 9th grade at Hotchkiss. I'm from Los Angeles and have an uncle that went to Hotchkiss. I got an overall SSAT score of 87%. I got good grades this year (all A's) but had a lot of trouble last year in math. For the last two quarters, I got a B- and a C+ in algebra. I am now in geometry, which is a year ahead of most people in my grade and i am doing really well. I am a swimmer, I play water polo, and I play soccer. I do a ton of community service and go to France every summer for camp, so I speak a good amount of French. Do you think I have a chance for Hotchkiss? Thank you guys so much!!!!</p>

<p>I am also an artist- I've gotten a few awards for my art. Thanks again!!</p>

<p>Yes, you have a chance, but no more of a chance than any of the other members of the forum who post these chance threads. Your SSAT scores are good, but not exceptional, and there are quite a few students who have straight As. You have nice ECs but no hooks, and I'm sure a lot of students speak a second language. Also, when it really comes down to it; we can't judge you any better than you can judge yourself because we are NOT admissions officers.</p>