chance me

<p>male, out of state, white</p>

<p>GPA-3.68 UW, between 4.1 and 4.2 W
SAT- 2020 (700M, 660R, 660W) retaking in fall
SAT II- 750 Biology, 720 Math II
ACT- 32 composite (36M, 35R, 33E, 24S) retaking in fall</p>

<p>Freshman Year:
World Hist H- A
English H- B+
Biology H- A
Alg II H- A
Health/Phys Ed- A
Spanish 2- B+
Orchestra- A</p>

<p>Sophomore Year:
Precalc H- A
Chemistry H- B+
Soph English H- B
AP World History- B(3)
Spanish 3- B+
Gym- A
Orchestra- A+</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Junior Englsih H- B+
Spanish 4 H- B
US History H- A
AP Calculus AB- B+ (probably 4/5)
AP Biology- B+ (probably 5)</p>

<p>Senior Year Courses:
English IIII H
Spanish 5 H
AP Govt/Politics
AP Statistics
AP Physics</p>

National Honor Society grades 11/12
9 seasons Varsity sports (3 cross country, 3 indoor track, 3 outdoor track)
Cross Country Captain
Eagle Scout, Senior Patrol Leader of Boy Scout Troop
200+ hours of community service</p>

<p>good chances, in my opinion</p>

<p>good chance, especially being an Eagle Scout</p>

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<p>grades and SAT are ok but not dazzling. Eagle scout and being a male are very helpful. Finish strong in classes and it will help your app greatly.</p>

<p>What state are you from?</p>

<p>I had basically the same stats as you and am a sophomore now, also OOS, with slightly higher SAT (2130) but lower GPA (3.9 W). I was also XC runner/captain which is good they like leadership, and the eagle scout thing will help. if you are going to visit i would reccomend an interview also. you should have a good shot, just nail the essays.</p>

<p>I think that you have a good chance. You're OOS, but you're a guy, so that could help you out a little bit.</p>

<p>Although you're OOS, IMO you stand a good chance. W&M conducts interviews for prospective students during the summer. Check the school's website, and attend any events you can to demonstrate interest.</p>