Chance me!

<p>weighted GPA 3.9, class rank around 30/600ish
SAT 2100
4 years of varsity track/captain
all-district, all-region, state meet participant (07-09)
school record holder (08-09)
class president (05-06)
student council president(08-09)
national honors society (08-09)
national science honors society (07-09)
national english honors society (07-09)
national music honors society (08-09)
key club (06-09)
interact club (07-09)
all-district, all region choir (08-09)
volunteer- all together about 1000 hours
assistant teacher @ korean school (2 years)
church choir (3 years)
church liturgy (3 years)
church praise band (3 years)</p>

<p>work- independent; tutor (1 year)</p>

<p>also, i go to a large public school in NOVA</p>

<p>In. :) If you're in-state (which you are...) you're an easy in.</p>

<p>Looks solid to me. If your in FFX County go to blackboard and take a look at the scattergrams for your school. This will give you a great indication. Put out some great recs and essays and you should be good to go.</p>

<p>in, try to get gpa up esp. if u dont have a lot of aps</p>

<p>With weighted gpa of 3.9? Man, I guess the title "in-state" gives a significant advantage.</p>

<p>I agree with tomahawk. 3.9 weighted is low but your class rank is ok. Not a sure thing though.</p>

<p>Depends how the grades are weighted. If the highest weighted grade is 4.33 (as opposed to the Fairfax system, which I think is 5.00? I'm not a native though), then 3.9 isn't horrible. </p>

<p>Class rank looks good, so it seems to me that the school is actually <em>grading</em> as it should, that is, awarding A's for exceptional performance. You know, what they did in the old days, before grade inflation...</p>

<p>Adcoms always factor in GPA in the context of class rank...</p>

(as opposed to the Fairfax system, which I think is 5.00?


<p>Fairfax is one of the toughest grading systems in the nation and there is no weight for honors or AP/IB if no test is taken. It takes a 94% or above to get an A or a 4.0. To make it to the highest weighed average available, which is something around 4.3, you would have to have straight A's in a Full IB.</p>

<p>My bad then. Weighted GPA is quite alien to me ... it didn't exist in my area, if not my state (public-wise at least). But yes, my point that 3.9 weighted out of 4.3 max isn't that low. </p>

<p>The thing with grading systems is that teachers tend to scale to grading systems....</p>

<p>some thing that is worth noting, fairfax county pays for all of the AP tests so that's the reason why people do not get credit if they don't take the test. In some areas, counties do not pay for the AP test and as a result, give credit for just taking the class. Admissions know these things so don't be freaked.</p>