Chance my son UF Class of 2026

My son is out of state and applied to UF before Nov. 1. Here are his stats:

GPA 4.3
SAT 1310
AP courses taken 7
Varsity Swimming
Varsity Volleyball
Working year round as a lifeguard
Summer Internship in the HR dept
Various extra curriculums
Multiple Honor Societies

What are his chances to get into UF.

Major ?

The ECs are great. honor Societies little meaning.

They also have short essays that matter.

He’s below the 25th percentile in test and GPA.

But there’s more to know…especially major. An engineer will have higher stats than say polo sci.

You have great schools in Florida. FSU is high ranked…USF, UCF, FAU Honors in Jupiter.

Give it a shot but have back ups.

Majoring in Computer Science

Unlikely - but you never know. With stats like that, and I know you likely have Bright Futures so look at the other schools too. And Alabama. Why? With your #s, your tuition will be under $4K a year based on current rates - and it’s a safety for you.

btw - UF is ranked 48th for what that’s worth in CS - by US News. Niche rates UF 56. FSU 83 - but there’s no difference at that rank…both are fine. I know most in Florida - money is an issue with Bright Futures - but you can get into some fine schools with those #s like WPI, Miami, Minnesota, Va Tech, Pitt.

If one thing you can do is work on the SAT - that could help…could.

Good luck.

Good luck to your soon.

OP said he is OUT of state for UF, so no BF.

UF doesn’t admit by major.

UF is a hard admit. It’s really hard to say what his chance are, but it is a holistic process. It may come down to your home state, his essays, what the admissions officer is looking for. Good luck.

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Yes. I often mis-read. Reading on the UF website, residency plays no part (similar to major). I asked about major because for engineering, they put some in the local CC with a campus life and I think that’s the one where it matters.

Unlikely for admission but will be a strong candidate at many large publics, in and outside of Florida and friending where from, perhaps their state flagship.

Thx for the correction. Good luck to OP…unless you apply, you’ll never know. But UF should go in your reach bucket.

Let us know if you need suggestions.

My OOS daughter has similar stats as your son. I consider UF to be a big reach for her. I am just hoping that it really is a holistic process, and that they consider her essays and extracurriculars.

As long as she has targets and safeties, she’ll be fine.

You take your best shot - and go with it. That’s all you can do.

I think one things people miss is - because they fall in love with a school - that they can be happy at many. My daughter is doing great at Charleston - but had she gone to UGA, UF, FSU, Miami, W&L or others she got into, she would likely be happy there too. That’s why it’s best never to fall in love - and I’ve seen many a chat about kids in their dream school looking to leave after one semester.

There are many “great” landing spots for your child, UF or otherwise. If they applied to UF, hopefully they hit FSU, UGA, U of SC, and U of Alabama too - which I’d consider similar and at least in the case of UGA a peer school.

Good luck. If your daughter wants to have a great experience, she will - no matter where she ends up.

I completely agree. She’s also applied to FSU, and she’s already admitted at UofSC, UDel, Penn State and Indiana. She’s got options, but she really enjoyed her Florida visits to UF and FSU. Before we visited, UF was her top choice. After visiting, though, she really loved FSU more than she thought she would. It would be nice if one or both of them would work out!

Honestly, FSU (in my opinion) is nicer. With a 1310, she’s unlikely to get an OOS waiver but it’s still reasonable. Many who like FSU also like U of SC - seem to cross shot. U of SC was my daughter’s #2 - she really liked. UD, PSU, and IU - yep, she’s golden. FSU will be a harder admit than all those…but hopefully she makes it. It’s tough OOS and UF is just tough!!

Good luck - I hope she gets into the “warm” schools - but she’ll be golden either way!! So she should be proud and happy!!!