Chance of Admission for In-State Early Decision Applicant to the University of Virginia

Hi all! I applied to UVA ED (in-state) several weeks ago and as the decision quickly approaches, I’ve found myself getting increasingly nervous. With that being said, however, I don’t want your responses to be sugar-coated. I would like honest opinions about my chances so that I won’t be surprised either way on the day they release. My stats are as follows.

Demographics: White Male, rural school with few opportunities

Intended Major: History, Policy/Law

SAT: 1480 (740/740) was only able to take once

UW GPA and Rank: 4.0 and top 5% of class

AP Coursework: U.S. History (4), Lang (4) Currently in: Gov, Comparative Gov, Stats, Calc AB, Comp Sci, Lit, Micro and Macro Econ

Awards: Again, there aren’t many opportunities but US Presidential Scholar and Jefferson scholar nominee

Extracurriculars: Two history research opportunities, Vice Pres. FBLA, Treasurer Spanish Club, Founder/President History club, over 100 volunteer hours

Essays/LORs: Personal Essay was about my involvement in my community through my job and how it has allowed me to connect with people from all backgrounds (have received good feedback and worked diligently on it for several months), UVA C&S supplemental was written about a book that allowed me to learn history about someone in my life and recognize the practical application of history (read by several teachers and counselors who felt that it is my strongest essay). I prefer not to disclose what the UVA random supplemental was written about but those who have read it said its strong LOR: my history teacher who I am super close with who said he mentioned my love of history and how I’ve applied it so I feel good. Counselor LOR is also strong as I’ve been close with her since freshman year and she knows me extremely well.

School: ED for UVA (in-state)

Again, I just want to stress that if you believe I have no chance, tell me just that. I just want to get an idea of where I’m at to prepare myself for the decision.


Seems like should be a good shot, what does your Naviance say about other kids getting in from your school? The ECs seem a little underwhelming and not very diverse (different types) but not sure that will make a difference.

My gpa is slighlty below average but my SAT score is 100 points higher than the average according to naviance. Also, with the activities, at my school/in my community there aren’t many opportunities. I’ve compared my activities with some friends who got in last year and mine are on par with theirs if not a little higher

Good luck man, if you went to a rural school in Virginia with those stats I think you have a solid chance. If you went to school in NoVa I would give you a 30% chance, but I think you are all good.


Did you get in?


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