Chance of getting into Northwestern for international students

Hello everyone. I have previously created a thread regarding admissions to Brandeis University, and asked a few questions there. As I am also interested in applying to Northwestern, I will write my questions here.
As I mentioned in my previous questions, I can not travel to a foreign country to take ACT and SAT right now, because of the pandemic.(Those tests are not offered in Iran).
Has anyone gotten admitted to Northwestern University without taking ACT or SAT, and AP/IB courses?

Like most American universities, NU will have another test-optional year. Without standardized tests, you need to find a way to validate the rigor and quality of your high school. Has your school sent any kids to NU in the past? If not, then you will have to provide other pieces of strong evidence, such as national-level awards, eye-opening extracurricular activities, etc.

My high school is a top school in Iran. Its performance is well nationally, but I do not know if anyone has migrated to the US from my school.
I have participated in an international math contest in South Korea, and got a bronze medal there. But this award is for my middle school(junior high school). Will it have any positive effect on my admissions chance, because it is old?

Most colleges admissions folks don’t consider awards received before high school. But you can list this on your application anyway. Just understand that awards received in high school are ones that really matter…unless you did something like win an Olympic gold medal as an 8th grader🙂

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In that case, SAT/ACT is going to be the only objective measure for your scholastic potential. Find a way to take it in another country, even if it means you have to quarantine on the way back. Good luck!

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Thank you. Armenia’s border is open now, so I can go there.
If I can not make it this year, I have to postpone that to the next year.
Best regards.

Excuse me sir,
Do I have any chance of getting into Brandeis university without submitting those test scores?

I am not the right person to answer that question. I think you should email their admissions office to get an answer.

Hi, I’m an Indian student hoping to get into Northwestern University. I just took the SAT and got 1450. It’s not a great score but I also have an 8 on my IELTS test. I was hoping to apply for ED. Should I retake the SAT and apply in December? I scored 97.4% in my 12th grade and I have a decent amount of athletic activities on my resume.
Please advise.
Thank you.