chance please

<p>Im just trying to figure out my chances at William and Mary, UVA, and NYU
Any thoughts would be helpful
I hoping to transfer into any one of these schools in the fall 2012
here are my stats
Currently at Wake Forest University
current undergrad GPA 3.3
Highschool GPA 3.7/4.1
Highschool did not rank
SAT combined 2160 740r 730w 690 m
SAT 2s us history 790, world history 740
APs Euro world Us histories all 5s, both governments 4s</p>

Intern for congressional candidate 6 months
pre law society treasurer college
over 200 hours community service
15 hours a week working while in college
Lots of music like allstate and regions
thanks for the help guys</p>

<p>bump 10 charr</p>