Chance Rising Junior for Penn State

Hey Y’all I am a rising Junior at a top 10 NY Highschool. Here r my stats

PSAT(Didn’t take SAT yet, but assumed to keep similar scores) - 1460(760 M - perfect score 700 R)/1520

GPA - 3.65 UW(All honors classes and above, but school does not weigh)

One issue - I got a B-/B in my freshman math class, but I got an A+ sophmore year. Idk how much that will hurt me.

Intended Major - Chemical Engineering

What are the chances I get into Penn State?

You can always apply DUS to boost your chances, the SAT is good but the GPA is a little low for engineering. I suggest applying in DUS and just switching into Chemical Engineering later on.

If I raise my GPA to 3.75 and my weighted GPA to 4.3 ish will I be fine?

or like is that the only way?

Cuz my weighted gpa is 4.l5

@Pwner420 There is nothing wrong with applying DUS (undecided). Until Junior year, you will take the same classes as those admitted directly into Engineering. The goal - whether you start in DUS or Engineering (PMAJ - pre-major) - is to be successful on entrance to major classes (Math 140, Engl 15, etc).

You aren’t admitted into your major until

  1. you are in the credit window. typically occurs spring of sophomore year or end of sophomore year
  2. you have completed ETM (entrance to major) classes
  3. your GPA meets the required minimum (this may change, but you can google it now to get an idea of what it is now)

So, other than being able to say “I’m in Engineering” vs. “I’m in DUS”, there really isn’t a difference. Just follow the Engineering plan while in DUS so you get into your major.

Just asking, but with my stats, could I get into the engineering school? or will it be impossible? like even if I improve grades and all?

@Pwner420 Please reread @lucyvanpelt 's excellent post. Yes, you might be admitted to pre-engineering, but you run the risk of being admitted to a branch campus rather than main campus. You have a better chance of being admitted to DUS and the end result (an engineering degree from PSU) will be no different starting from DUS than pre-engineering. Whether you start in DUS or pre-engineering, you need to meet the entrance-to-major requirements to be admitted to an engineering major junior year.

Do you want to go to a school that’s not direct admit to engineering? Some risk involved. You might not be admitted or you might not get the major of your choice.

I believe Penn State weights GPA higher than test scores for admission. Your GPA is on the low side for main campus but not outrageously low.

Admission stats

I understand, but my parents do not and say that if i apply anywhere I have to apply straight to the program lol. I take all honors classes at a top 10 nyc highschool that is very selective in itself and has a strong profile. Knowing all of that, do I have a stronger chance if i keep my gpa up and all?

Yeah I know, random question though, but why do people apply to Engineering driectly then instead of DUS if they have to do the same thing?

@Pwner420 Probably because they don’t know that it’s easier to be admitted for certain majors than others, or don’t realize that even pre-engineering majors have to take certain course and achieve a certain GPA to be admitted to a specific major junior year, or have parents like yours that just don’t understand PSU’s system.

yeah true, oh well honestly ill do really good on sat and take some aps and all and hopefully get into places

Are your parents also good with paying out-of-state tuition for Penn State? You’re a NY resident so you should have some good, low cost options for in-state schools.

Yeah? So basically, if I apply DUS, I can take the EXACT same classes as an engineering “student”, and get into the engineering major I want?

I think you can take the same classes until you’re basically a junior AND then you apply to the engineering program and hope you get admitted and get the engineering major you desire. There’s no guarantee.

I’m sure someone has some stats on what it takes to get admitted to engineering. I’ve heard that you better have at least a 3.6 GPA after your sophomore year to get into Finance. I’m guessing some of the more popular degrees like engineering are also difficult.

For Chem E here’s what the website says.

29-55 graded Penn State credits (excludes transfer and AP credits)
completed with a grade of C or better: CHEM 110, EDSGN 100, MATH 140, MATH 141, PHYS 211
earned a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.20

@Pwner420 Yes, as long as you have taken all the prerequisite courses and have the necessary GPA. Check the current Penn State undergraduate bulletin for specific information on entrance to major requirements for specific majors.

So if i get a 3.2 gpa then I’ll be fine?

I don’t know. I would talk to admissions or maybe someone else on CC has better info.

Regardless, if you can attend a good school, for a lower cost, with guaranteed admission to engineering I’m not sure why you wouldn’t go that route.

I’m not sure whether a 3.20 gets you automatic admission into Chem E
you need at least a 3.20 just to be able to apply to Chem E with no guarantee of admission.

I read it as “In order to be eligible for entrance”, not guaranteed entrance.

In order to be eligible for entrance to this major, students must satisfy the following requirements:

29-55 graded Penn State credits (excludes transfer and AP credits)
completed with a grade of C or better: CHEM 110, EDSGN 100, MATH 140, MATH 141, PHYS 211
earned a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.20

Yes, if you satisfy the entrance-to-major requirements, you will be admitted to the major. However, entrance to major requirements for specific majors, including courses which need to be completed and GPA, do change periodically, so you must meet the requirements in force as of the semester you matriculate.