Chance Son at schools on his list PLEASE, 3.76 GPA, Upward Trend (BC, Northeastern, Tufts,)


  • US Citizen
  • Connecticut
  • Number One High School In Connecticut
  • Male/Caucasian/German and Latino
  • Other special factors (first generation to college, legacy, athlete, etc.):
    Legacy: Villanova
    Legacy: Columbia (Grad school idk if that matters)

Intended Major(s):
Finance (possible pre-med track).

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 3.76 (END OF JUNIOR YEAR)
  • Weighted HS GPA (incl. weighting system): 4.04 (0.5 Extra for AP and Honors) (4.14 END OF SENIOR YEAR THOUGH)
  • College GPA (for transfers): N/A
  • Class Rank: School Doesn’t Rank (Around Top 15%)
  • ACT/SAT Scores: 1570 SAT (Math:790 English: 780)

The school awarded him with pass/fail for the first semester of freshman year since he was out for around 1 month in the hospital due to illness.
Grade 9:
Geometry- P
Western Civ- P
English Accelerated- P
Biology- P
Latin 1- A
Ceramics- A

Geometry- B
Western Civ- B-
English Accelerated- C+ (VERY WORRIED ABOUT THIS)
Biology- A-
Latin 1- A
Ceramics- P

Grade 10:
(No APs are allowed for Sophomore or Freshman)
Honors Chemistry- B
Honors Algebra II- B- (WORRIED KINDA)
World Studies- A
English 10- B
Latin 2- A
Computer Science- A- (One Semester Class)

Honors Chemistry- A
Honors Algebra II- A-
Honors World Studies- A
English 10- A
Latin 2- A
Investing and Finance- A (One Semester Class)

Grade 11:
AP Lang and Comp- A
Precalculus Honors- A
AP US History- A
Honors Physics- A
Latin 3- A
AP Economics- A
AP Computer Science Principles- A

AP Lang and Comp- A
Precalculus Honors- A
AP US History- A
Honors Physics- A
Latin 3- A
AP Economics- A
AP Computer Science Principles- A

Grade 12:
Midyear grades
AP Calculus BC- A
AP Lit and Comp- A
AP Biology- A
AP Computer Science A- A
Latin 4- A
AP Statistics- A
AP Microeconomics - A

AP Econ: 4
AP Lang and Comp: 4
AP Stats: 4
AP Comp Sci Princ: 5
AP Psychology: 5


  • NMSQT Semi-Finalist
  • Perfect Attendance Junior Year
  • AP Scholar
  • Football State Championship Team (Junior Year) (Varsity Starting QB)
  • Won state champs for lacrosse Junior year (Varsity starting defensemen)


  • Worked at local flower shop after school Mondays-Thursdays from 3-5pm
  • 2 Years MU Theta Math National Honors Society
  • 1 Year JV Lacrosse, 3 Years Varsity Lacrosse
  • 3 Years Varsity Football
  • 2 Years Science Honors Society
  • 2 Years DECA (went to Atlanta for competition, etc)
  • Latin Scholars Society
  • Model UN Club
  • Model Congress Club - President
  • High-school Class Officer
  • 3 Years Robotics Club (won awards in vex robotics competitions)

Essay worked on for 3 months and checked by a former adcom 9.5/10
Guidance Counselor LOR- 10/10
AP Lang and Comp LOR- 9/10
AP Stats Teacher- 9/10

Cost Constraints / Budget
No cost restraints.

Schools (Feeder School sends around 75/350 to top 40 schools each year)
(List of colleges by your initial chance estimate; designate if applying ED/EA/RD; if a scholarship is necessary for affordability, indicate that you are aiming for a scholarship and use the scholarship chance to estimate it into the appropriate group below)

  • Safety: University of Maryland, Uconn,
  • Likely: RD Villanova (legacy)
  • Match: Boston University, Wake Forest, Bucknell, Purdue
  • Reach: ED1 Boston College, Northeastern, Cornell, USC, EA Columbia (legacy), NYU
    Chance these?

This is the 4th time and if I recall correctly all these #s are hypothetical.

Come back in a year with real #s.

Your son has an active chance thread,;

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