Chance to Get In/Get Scholarship Money

<p>I am from New York State and I would consider UB to be my second choice (behind Pitt) but may choose it due to affordability.</p>

<p>GPA- Roughly 97 cumulative</p>

<p>Class Rank- About 20th of 160</p>

<p>SAT- 1210 (610 Critical Reading, 600 Math, 560 Writing)
-Will be taking it again in October</p>

<p>APs Taken- 2 Junior Year (5's on both), 4 Senior Year
SAT IIs- 680 on Biology
- 700 on US History</p>

<p>National Honor Society Member</p>

<p>Member of 2 Varsity Sports</p>

<p>Have Community Service (Roughly 100 hours over the years)</p>

<p>Plan to write optional essay and apply after receiving my scores from SAT in October</p>

<p>Is your 97 GPA weighted or unweighted? Buffalo only looks at unweighted. If you have an unweighted 95 or better, you are halfway toward a full ride (the Presidential Scholarship). Your SATs are a little low, however. Have you considered taking the ACT? It's an easier test and if you can score a 33 or better, you are eligible for the Presidential. Otherwise, Buffalo will likely give you $5,000 merit money per year. Your SAT scores are really what are holding you back. Consider the ACT and good luck!</p>