Chances at Barretts + scholarships?

<p>-Arizona Resident
-I expect 2200-2300 SAT
-3.85-3.95uw GPA/ 10 AP Classes</p>

<p>Thats basically all they look at right?? </p>

<p>(I’m still a junior so its all projected, very reasonable predictions tho) &lt;/p>

<p>How much is the AIMS Scholarship??</p>

<p>The AIMS scholarship will be all but worthless by the time you're a senior. Go to ASU's website and use your current stats in their scholarship estimator (linked from the future freshman page) to see what you would qualify for if you applied this year. The AIMS scholarship was never funded by the state, the money came from the same pot as other merit money and the universities want more say in who gets it. ASU's scholarship estimator should give you a pretty good idea of where you stand.</p>

<p>The AIMS scholarship does exist, but I believe that my class (the HS class of 2010) was the last to receive it. However, if you have those stats (which seem nice, but be careful assuming SAT scores like that) you'll be handed at least in-state tuition from ASU.</p>

<p>The class of 2011 is the last class to get the full aims scholarship, the next year's class will receive a reduced amount.</p>