Chances at Sophie Davis and Macaulay at Hunter?


I’m a current NYC junior, hoping to get into Sophie Davis and Macaulay at Hunter. Here are my stats:

School: Catholic
GPA: 96.5 weighted (my school doesn’t release unweighted GPA’s)
Rank: not released at my school
AP’s: I’ll have five completed out of the 14 my school offers by graduation (World (5), USH, Lit, Bio, and Psych)
Honors Classes: full honors since sophomore year
SAT: 1250 (didn’t study, so I’m definitely retaking)
ACT: in prep course currently
EC’s and Experience (past and present):

  • volunteered at public library for about two months
  • worked one summer at an office job (returning this summer)
  • Weill Cornell shadowing internship
  • Weill Cornell research
  • applying to Columbia University Irvine Medical Center as a summer volunteer
  • HPREP at Sophie Davis
  • sales assistant for my Dad’s car business
  • LGBT club (hopefully president by next year)
  • hopefully NHS
  • Peer Group Leader (similar to a guidance counselor for underclassmen)
  • co-authored a published book in sixth grade
  • congressional recognition award for that book
  • honors awards at school
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity/Race: half black/half Asian (Indian)
    Family Income: 100K to 150K
    Other Info:
  • mom is an immigrant, teen mom, and single
  • middle class neighborhood in Queens
  • gay
  • my GPA is decent, but I’ve been getting 70’s in my algebra 2/pre-calc honors class

Hope that helped, and please let me know what I can do to improve! Also, please tell me other colleges I should be considering.