Chances at University of Virginia and University of Michigan engineering

Demographics: White, Male

Intended major(s): Electrical Engineering

Academics: UW/W GPA:3.69 Unweighted 4.35 Weighted (weighted = 5 points for APs and honors if A) (Includes many B’s from middle school which drags down my GPA by about .1)

Coursework: No C’s 10 AP classes (AP Calc BC, AP Physics C, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Chemistry (4), AP Lit, AP Lang(3), AP World (5), APUSH (4), AP NSLgov (3), AP Psych (4)).

SAT: 1450/1600 new SAT. 700 on math/750 on reading/17 on essay

SAT Chemistry: 710

Class rank: N/a

Awards: Eagle Scout, National Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, Tri-M music Honor Society.


Boy Scouts: 7 years. Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol leader 4x, Eagle Scout

Pianist: 10 years. Tri-M Piano Tutor, Choir Accompanist, Piano Soloist

Lacrosse: 6 years: Varsity player

Wrestling: (only freshman sophomore year)

German: Went to a German school every Saturday junior year (proficient in reading and writing)

320+ Service Hours recorded on transcript


University of Michigan, University of Virginia Both Early Action.
Out of state for both.

Have a letter of recommendation from a senior medical professor that I know at the University of Michigan for the University of Michigan.

Letters of rec from AP chem teacher and counselor for both

Concerns: Although I am extremely well rounded, my numbers are bit below the average for engineering at both of those schools.