Chances at UVA?

Hi! I need some honest opinions on wether or not I can get into UVA. I’m out of state and I’m really worried how that will affect me.

GPA: 4.4 (weighted) (3.9ish unweighted)
ACT: 1500
SAT: 33

All of my core classes have been either PreAP if there isn’t an AP option and AP

AP Classes (so far): APUSH, World History, Stats, Lang and Comp, Physics, Biology
AP Classes Next Year: Gov, Econ, Lit, Enviromental Science, Calc AB

Extra circulars:
*4yrs of lacrosse
*4yrs of debate
*Model UN
*Volunteer ever weekend at an animal shelter
*Work 3 days a week as a receptionists
*NHS, NEHS, mu alpha theta, ect


No one can really tell you what your chances are. But check out the stats from the last cycle (link below), paying close attention to the OOS stats, which is a different admissions pool from in-state.

Note that UVA gives the legacy preference only to the legacy kids who are OOS applicants. So you probably should assume that the ranges for a non-legacy OOS applicant (which is what you are) would be a little bit higher than what is linked below. Looks like your SAT score is more impressive for UVA than your ACT score.

I’d say you are competitive. But recognize that UVA non-legacy OOS is a tough admit these days – probably more like what you’d expect from a school ranked about 5-10 slots higher than UVA in the USNWR rankings. So make sure you have a balanced list of schools that you are applying to.

Good luck.

Thank you so much, I’ll definitely take all that into consideration when applying