Chances at Wellesley

<p>Hi, everybody!
Please, help me with my evaluation!
I'm Russian. I'm already studying at the Russian University, but applying as a freshman to Wellesley (This is Wellesley's requirement for University students from abroad).
Majors: Economics, Media</p>

<p>Academic achievements:</p>

<p>GPA 3.9/4.0 (University)
GPA 4.84/5.00 (School) Private economic school, highly competitive
SAT II: Math 750, Writing will take, French will take
SAT I will take, around 1350-1450</p>

<p>Junior year at school:
2nd place at the school Math competition</p>

<p>Senior year at school:
1st place at the school Math competition
1st place at the school English competition
2nd place at the school Geography competition</p>

<p>99 out of 100 at the Centralised Test in Russia (sort of Russian SAT)
87 out of 100 at the Centralised Russian Language Test in Russia </p>

<p>Work experience:
Marketing manager at the softdrink company 2 years (Russia)
Marketing manager, jornalist and show hostess at the regional TV company 2 years (Russia)
Waitress 2 summer seasons (USA)
Sales person Antique store 1 summer (USA)
Magazin journalist 0.5 year (Russia)
Internship 'business administration and general management' at the US company (3 divisions Restaurant, Antique Store and Design Business) 1.5 year (will finish next august)</p>

French 1 year
School of journalism 1 year
Took Courses and seminars at the Regional Mediacenter.</p>

<p>You do have fine stats. I also liked your activites outside of your school. I do not know how international admissions work however i've heard that those students do not get much financial aid. But I can see that you are not very concerned about money. </p>

<p>Ok, to simply put it, you have good chances of getting in Zhenya.<br>
By the way, my girlfriend's name is also Zhenya (Evgenya?) lol. she is from Far East Russia a city called Khabarovsk. </p>

<p>Well, really, i hope you get in.</p>

<p>It's interesting because i am planning to study in Russia later when i am in a college. can you tell me which Russian schools have good international programs? </p>

<p>I have one thing to ask you. Why do you want to study again as an undergraduate student? If I were you, I would finish my college in Russia and apply to an American (if the U.S. is where you really want to study) Graduate School. Seriously, i think, studying undergraduate again is just a waste of time. It is just my opinion.</p>

<p>If you do not care about that, go for it. I believe you can do it.</p>

<p>do you know any good Russian travel agencies in the U.S.?
Last summer I tried to buy a ticket to Russia but then every seat was I am trying it again this coming summer. Because my girlfriend lives in Far East side of Russia, it's better for me to goto Japan then to Russia. If you know, would you tell me any good Russian airline, travel agencies?</p>

<p>actually....ok to be honest with you...well I did not want to encourage you so much because things might not work out very well...but i have to tell you that your stats can go just about any college in the U.S. also, talk to international students in the U.S. about which colleges prefer to accept international students. I know Syracuse University (not so famous but it's OK around 50 or 60th rank) likes to accept Korean international students because they pay FULL tution.</p>

<p>also, because international students do not have social security numbers, they have advantages.</p>

<p>colleges do not know what the hell you did in the U.S.
A guy from South Korea came to an American school. He applied to many Ivies but then he got rejected so he decided to goto an OK school. But then after studying for a while, (because he wanted to goto Ivies so badly) that he dropped out of the college and took the SAT again and got a pretty good score...i believe almost perfect if not perfect. this time, he got into Yale.</p>

<p>So, see? you can do some tricks...just for being not an American. lol</p>

<p>Zhenya, good luck! it feels so funny. same name... :)
oh you just reminded me, i have to call her tonight</p>

<p>really really, i hope you get in!
Paka Zhenya
again, you have a really good chance of going to that college.
*i just realized that i was bit too excited when writing this reply...</p>

<p>Thak you so much for your answer. It made me feel better about my situation. By the way I have not finished my University yet. I have two more years of studying. And I don't mind loosing a couple of years for Wellesley. Not at all! I'm would be happy about this!</p>

<p>About good international programs. The best programs are usually in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But there may be some in the other cities depending on your major.</p>

<p>About the travel agences: Try STA Travel. I absolutely love them.</p>

<p>Awesome. STA...Those three most hated alphabets...! lol
anyway, you should not worry about it. Just do whatever you need to do. Think ahead! oh this is very important. although we all know this already, we are never fast enough. lol look at me! i am overwhelmed with school work plus college application stuff...</p>

<p>Zhenya, although, I am not the admissions officer...I really think you have some good chances of getting in. :)</p>


<p>Absolutely... you have great stats! Wellesley would be lucky to have you.</p>

<p>Although, maybe you should get some backup info about their international policy, in case you're looking for aid. I heard they are not very generous in terms of that, and also, that its a pretty blue-blood kinda place.</p>