Chances at William and Mary

<p>Hey everyone,
I was wondering what my chances are at this school..
I am a finance major and have a huge passion towards investments.
Anyways I currently have a 3.65 cumulative, with a 4.0 last semester.
With another semester, I can probably bump up the GPA higher as well as getting more prerequisites done.
I am in the investment club and working part time as well as doing an internship at an insurance company full time.
I am also in the top 7% at my school.

<p>It's good that you're interested in investments, but people will need a little more than that to gauge your chance. But so far it seems pretty good. Maybe post SAT/ACt scores, AP classes and what not, then maybe a clear answer can be given.</p>

<p>In state or out of state?</p>

<p>I got a 5 on the Japanese AP exam and i did not take the SATs in high school since back then I knew I was already going to community college as I did not have any money(you can see I am still working). Now I changed my perspective and willing to take on debt(hoping for inflation) to get a better education and go towards my passion...
Me and my econ professor are really good friends so I can also probably get a really good recommendation letter as well as from the CEO of the internship I am currently working at..</p>

<p>Also out of state... =[</p>

<p>Sounds like you plan to apply as a transfer. Answering this question becomes easier if we know how many semesters you've been in college and what courses you've taken.</p>

<p>W&M looks for students to have a good variety of liberal arts courses (some math, some science, some English, some history, etc) and who have a 3.6 GPA or higher. These students are generally competitive for admission though only about 50% of transfers get in.</p>

<p>If you're looking to major in business, W&M also looks to see if you have the business pre-reqs (micro, macro, calc, stats, financial accounting, and managerial accounting).</p>

<p>Remember, even if you get into W&M, it's a separate admission process for the School of Business so once you get into W&M you then have to apply to the Mason School of Business.</p>

<p>I have finished a lot of the general ed, and finished a lot of the prerequisites with good grades.
I have been in a cc for 2 years now and finishing up my last semester to complete the prerequisites for a lot of the business majors. </p>

<p>What happens if you get into the school, but then you get rejected at the Mason School of Business? I really don't want to be doing anymore general ed, and just focus on the one path I am passionate about.
Thank you!</p>

What happens if you get into the school, but then you get rejected at the Mason School of Business?


<p>then you can't major in business. You will have to choose a different major.</p>

<p>soccerguy is right, if you don't get into the Mason School of Business you can either a) apply again the following semester or b) select a different major like economics.</p>