Chances for an international student

I am an Indian who is living in Singapore and currently serving my National Service.

I did the IB Diploma and received a score of 38‬. My school does not report grade point average but my transcript has mostly As and few Bs also mainly in English. I had straight A’s throughout Economics throughout high school and that is what I want to study later and even maths was straight A’s barring one semester and I did Higher level Maths and Economics which is hardest possible level available at my school

My SAT score is 1530‬ in one sitting.

I am planning to study Economics and political Science or public Policy.

What are my chances at these following colleges in US and Canada

ED Dartmouth and RD USC UCLA UC Berkeley UCSD Georgetown U of Washington Michigan uni Northwestern Northeastern Notre Dame McGill Toronto and UBC.

I have ECAs such as Serving national service currently in Singapore army , Cricket since primary school , Swimming with a gold certificate proficiency , Campaigning for a political party for which I have even been awarded , Economics short film competition , Economics Current Affairs club , MUN , Law Academy Club , Volunteering in a child labour NGO , Earth Club , Recycling club , Won second prize in maths challenge at school, peer tutoring, Helped Elementary school teacher at my school teach, Mathematics Club

So what are my chances for each of the above stated colleges

I don’t know how to interpret an IB score. I am confident that the admissions staff at all of the schools that you listed will know how to interpret this.

Your 1530 SAT score is very good for at least all of the Canadian universities, and probably will be somewhere between “okay” and “very good” for the other schools on your list.

Are you okay being full pay at all of these schools?

Thanks a lot for your reply and yes I will be able to afford the full cost so cost is not an issue and I am not applying for financial aid to any college.

I know some of the colleges are very high reaches such as Dartmouth Northwestern Berkeley Georgetown but I just applied there considering I have UBC and Toronto as safeties and few UK universities for which I am way above the minimum requirements. So which are the Us colleges I have good chances for and please be honest as to where I don’t have any chances at all.

Please note that I have done my interview for Dartmouth and I told my parents and my tutor as to exactly what was asked and what my answers were and they said it was a good interview but I can’t be so sure since it was my first ever interview.

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