Chances for an intl

<p>I am an international student who is currently living in US. Family contribution each year is about $10000-$15000.</p>

SAT: V590 M 790 W560 Retook on dec. Expect V 650 M 800

<p>SAT2: Math2 800 Chem 800 Phy 770</p>

<p>APs: self studied Chem 5, Bio 4, Calc BC 4 sub AB 5, Comsci A 3. Only took calc AB class. the rest are all self studied.</p>

<p>College Classes at local college:
CHE 301 Physical Chemistry 1
CHE 301 Physical Chemistry 1 Lab
CHE 302 Physical Chemistry 2
CHE 302 Physical Chemistry 2 Lab
MAT 213 Calculus 3
MAT 217 Appl Discrete Math
MAT 218 Appl Linear Algebra
MAT 406 Differential Equation
MAT 409 Number Theory
MUS 105 Piano
PHY 201 Intro Physics I
PHY 202 Intro Physics II
PHY 211 Gen Phys I Calc Lec
PHY 212 Gen Phys II Calc Lec</p>

School doesn't offer math and science ECs except for math league.
Captin of math league. Champion at regional competition
Tutor math at college
Science Olympiad
National Latin exam: silver medal
varsity basketball,cross country,swimming.
martial art</p>

<p>So based on what I listed above, what are my chances at caltech,stanford,mit,wpi,conn,usc,bucknell,udelware? Thank you</p>

<p>please comment...</p>

<p>If you get 650 on writing or reading it should be ok for your SATs scores.
Did you say on your application that you studied Ap classes by yourself? If you did, it's a good point, it shows that you have autonomy.
Moreover taking college classes is very good for the Resume.
Your ECs seem Ok, not quantity but quality.
I would say you have a pretty good chance everywhere. Of course Stanford and MIT are your reaches (reach for everybody, sorry!), calltech and USC seem to be match-reaches and the other one are good matches.
Over all, I think you have good chances, don't worry.</p>

<p>what country are you from?</p>

<p>lol, deftech. You chase me down from caltech board. I m from the largest country in asia. take a guess</p>

<p>With the 1940 </p>

Conn--I'm assuming this is Connecticut College--Match
USC-Match-Reach but remember they give no aid to internationals
Delaware-I guess match</p>

<p>conn college will consider my SAT2 scores. Which are 800x2. and some school don't even consider writing score. SO my Verbal and Math combined will give me a 1380. This score will put me in a better position, for example, I scored higher than 75% of students at WPI. So what I am really concerned about is my chances at Caltech,Stanford and MIT. I guess no one can really tell my chances, but I just want you to compare me with the people you know who got in similar schools. :)</p>

<p>how many years have you been in US?
If more than 3 years, your CR and writing are a little low.
If only 1 year or something, they are acceptable.
you have any USAMO or something?
How is your Dec. score?</p>

<p>We really can't give a prediction about schools like CIT, MIT, Stanford, because people with really diverse scores got in.. same goes for almost any college but those, ivies, and LAC are the most unpredictable. People with perfect scores sometimes get rejected and people with not-so-perfect scores get , with 1380, you should have the same chance (that is, about 10-20%) as almost anybody else.</p>

<p>Not very optimistic.
Many schools now don't like the math-science type of Asian. It's dead true.</p>

<p>ER. i got lower in Dec SAT. Damn that test. O well. I have been here for like 2.5 years. But my school sucks pretty bad, no science or math ECs. I only took amc in 10th grade and got 100 something. So the highest award i got is regional level. do you think i can get some scholarship at schools like WPI?</p>

<p>yea. i understand that,BLY. But it would be wrong if asians start majoring in history or english.</p>

<p>I think I have a better chance at MIT, since they accept Toefl score and subject test scores. But better doesn't mean good...... sigh.</p>

<p>they can also see your **** SAT I
Well, your competitions are not that striking.
How about your talents? like music, arts, athletic...?</p>

<p>"But it would be wrong if asians start majoring in history or english."</p>

<p>How is that wrong?? I am asian and i can't do math or science(highest i ever got in math and science courses was approximatly 67 and i had a tutor too), and i plan on doing a major in journalism and possibly history or political science and frankly i don't see anything wrong with that.</p>

<p>umm. it's definitely possible to major in english or social studies if you were born in this country. But for us true international students, it's going to be very hard to do that.</p>

<p>I m not really an athletic guy, but as I listed, I played 3 varsity sports during high school. Nothing really speical. I will just pray very hard and hope to get in. It will be very helpful if someone can comment on the chances of getting a scholarship at schools like WPI and USC,etc. Thanks</p>