Chances for Centre College?

I already submitted my application but I was wondering my chances at Centre? It is my top school.

UW: 3.95
W: 4.6
ACT: 29
SAT: I am waiting to hear back.
(I am not a great standardized test taker)

Class rank: 28/438 (top 10% - have an extremely competetive school)
I am out of state and a white female.
My essays were strong - but not as strong as I would have liked.

Senior Schedule: Sociology, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Literature, Spanish 4 Honors, AP Calculus AB, Anatomy and Physiology Honors, Peer Helping

AP tests taken:
AP Enviro Science - 4
AP Language - 4

NHS Historian (Gr 11) and Executive Board Member (Gr 12)
Spanish Honor Society
Student 2 Student Representative (going to run for pres)
Key Club
Part time job
Hospital volunteer (gr 9)
animal shelter volunteer (gr 10 to present)
Peer tutor in english and math (two days a week)

I know it is a match school for me, but not being in the top 25% makes me nervous. Also, after submitting I looked at the pdf of my application about two days later and notice a spelling error (i left e off of the word one) and two or three comma mistakes. I had read over it so much that I guess it just started to not stand out anymore. Thank you so much.

Assuming you haven’t heard from Centre yet, I’d say your chances are very good. My son is a senior and has loved every minute of his time there. Good luck!

I don’t know much about Centre, but based on the quick search I just did I’m pretty positive you’ll get in!

I would be really surprised if you didn’t get into Centre. Question is really how much money you’ll get! Pursue all the scholarships you can. (I’m a Centre student—hope to see you join us!)