Chances for Economics Major: Binghamton, Rutgers, Fordham

Background: I am a male Hispanic/African student living in NYC. My family is high-income, but because of certain situations, a large amount goes for my mother’s treatments and services for my brother. My father went to college and my mother immigrated to the U.S. at age nine; my grandfather is also a Holocaust survivor who survived a concentration camp. I would like to major in Economics and then go for an MBA.

Transcript: I have a 94.67 GPA at a public school. However, when I was in the 1st semester of 9th grade, my mother was undergoing ovarian cancer treatments and my younger brother was put into a hospital for “being a threat to others”, so my GPA for that semester was 84. For the 2nd semester, it was 93, and my 10th-grade average was 96; my junior year average was 99. I feel bad because my cumulative GPA could’ve been around 97 if I didn’t screw up that 1st semester. When I was in 8th grade, I took all 9th grade classes, so I was able to take advanced courses later. I’ve finished my high school curriculum, so I’m taking courses at my local public college, of which I’ve been getting A’s in.

Exams: I wanted to take the SAT with Essay, and the Math level 2, Biology M, and U.S. History Subject Tests. But due to pandemic, I’ve been canceled in August, September, and now October. It seems that in NYC and NJ, most of the test centers are closed. Also, I can’t travel very far to an out-of-state test center as I have to take care of my mother and brother since my dad works 11 hours a day. The good news is that I have a 4 on the APUSH and AP Bio exam, while many students in my class got 1s and 2s on those exams, so hopefully, that can substitute those subject tests?

Extracurriculars: I had a paid internship at a Holocaust Museum where I would give tours. The summer between 10th and 11th grade. In 11th grade, I founded the Model United Nations club at my school, and in 10th grade, I also founded and managed a chess program where the school can participate in citywide tournaments. I am also the captain of varsity tennis, and on the varsity fencing and wrestling team as well. I’m the treasurer of the National Honor Society and am currently running for president of student government. Since 9th grade, I’ve spent 400+ hours tutoring underprivileged students at my local library. I also have 200+ hours at an organization that uses horse therapy for emotionally disturbed children (like my brother). During the pandemic, I tutored other high school students for the SAT remotely (quite ironic huh?).

Recommendations: A teacher who taught me 3 classes and supervised the chess program is writing my primary recommendation letter. Another teacher, whom I’ve known since 7th grade (she taught at my middle school as well) taught me 3 classes and manages NHS. Moreover, my boss for my internship offered writing me a letter, so I accepted it. My Principal has also offered me a letter since I helped her and the superintendent during a citywide virtual meeting about remote learning.

Essay: about my adversity and how it gave me responsibility and perseverance. I focus on the hardships of my family and how while they may have been an obstacle, I am grateful for them because of what I learned from them. I then go into how I’ve contributed to my community, focusing on how I want to help others that have similar circumstances. My teachers who have revised it say it’s among the best they’ve read.

Awards: Student of the month, perfect attendance, honor roll, and meeting the requirements for “Advanced designation”.

The schools I’m applying to include Syracuse, Rutgers-New Brunswick, Binghamton, Fordham, UWisconsin-Madison, UWashington-Seattle.

Lastly, if you’re reading this, thank you! I’ve been super nervous as the early action deadline draws near, so any support helps!

You have a very interesting story. I think you have a great shot at all of the schools above. Keep in mind that out of state means that you won’t get any financial aid. Why not add a few SUNY more schools to your list?