Chances for Mays Business School

<p>Hey everyone! I applied to Mays Business School as an outside transfer student in March and still have not heard a response back yet. Now, I'm super nervous. I currently have an 3.826 GPA with 69 credit hours completed. By the end of the semester, I should have 79 credit done with something like a 3.88. I have completed all but one (a management course not offered at my school) of the core classes required for pre-business majors on both table one and two. I have made all A's for the courses they really want. I am the current president of my school's chapter in an international honor society and work part time. Not that I feel like I need it, but considering it is a boost for public universities, I feel like I should mention I also have Affirmative Action on my side. I am borderline about to have a panic attack from not even having the slightest clue about which way this can go, taking into account that Mays Business school only accepts 75 outside transfers. Can someone please give me an honest assessment about my chances of being accepted. I'm really tired of getting that pat on the back and slight nod, "Yeah, you'll definitely get in!" There are only 75 available slots!</p>