chances for my top choice?!

<p>hey guys, im currently a junior and am starting to think about colleges for next year. uva is definitely my top choice as of right now--i visited in the fall and was really digging the whole vibe. the campus, charlottesville, the history, and the community feeling were all awesome. anyway, that being said, here are my stats...let me know what you think about my chances for UVA next year:</p>

<p>white male from PA at a competitive public high school</p>

<p>-SAT: 2070
-CR: 680
-W: 720
-M: 670
*this was my first time taking the SAT in december without any prep. i am now enrolled in a prep course and will take it again in march, so my score will definitely go up
-i haven't taken any SAT IIs yet, but will take probably at least world hist. in may</p>

<p>-GPA: 3.8 UW, 4.4 W
-taking all honors and ap classes (i am also in an advanced program at my school)
-ap tests: us gov't (5), us history (4), taking ap lang, world, and physics b this year</p>

-assist. editor of the yearbook, will be editor-in-chief next year
-member of best buddies, key club, environmental club
-part of the local court in my county for kids under 18 and act as a juror
-in NHS and SHS
-also do a lot of volunteering in my community, especially at the homeless shelter (6 hrs/week) and i have about 400 hrs of volunteering overall</p>

<p>i am thinking about applying to uva, vanderbilt, berkeley, michigan, wisconsin, penn state (schreyer), maryland, unc, syracuse, upenn, william & mary....</p>

<p>what do you guys think about these schools for me? (matches, reaches, safeties)? especially uva?
i appreciate any feedback, thanks!!!</p>

<p>i think it's hard to say right now. once you take SATs again and find out your class rank/percentile, it would be easier to chance. your resume is pretty solid though, keep up the good work!</p>

<p>thanks! my school does not rank though, but i would estimate that i am in the top 10%, maybe top 15%. any other thoughts?</p>

<p>since you are out of state it makes it a little bit harder but i think you have a competitive shot</p>

<p>thanks! i hope so at least.......anyone else??</p>

<p>Ehhm, I don't know your SATs are pretty low. I would say high/mid reach. </p>

<p>Then again, what do I know, I was rejected from my top choice with a 2380 SAT.</p>