CHANCES for Stanford, Columbia, Brown, Northwestern, JHU, Accelerated Med Programs

<p>Eth: Korean (2nd gen)
Sex: Male
location: socal
school type: small public high school in rich neighborhood, 40% asian, 45% white
family: mother SDSU, father college grad in korea</p>

<p>Class of 2011
GPA 9th-12th (unweighted): 3.8-.9
GPA 9th-12th (weighted): 4.6-.7</p>

<p>Class Rank:
not reported for our school
class size: ~600</p>


Euro hist (5)
Psychology (5)</p>

<p>taking right now:
Calc AB
Art Hist
Spanish Lang

<p>taking senior year:
Calc BC
Comp Sci
English Lit
Physics B
Spanish Lit</p>

<p>probably AP scholar (all 4/5 projected)</p>

<p>total 13 APs<a href="most%20in%20my%20year">/U</a></p>

<p>comm college courses:
junior year: intro to sociology (A)
senior year: film appreciation (A projected)</p>

Math ii: 800
yet to take:
World History
Biology M
750+ projected</p>

<p>SATI: CR:730 Writing:780 Math:800
SAT total:
2250 in one sitting,
2310 superscored</p>

<p>ACT: none</p>

<p>Recommendation Letter choices:
Eng Lit and Eng 2h teacher (same person)
Chemistry teacher (had him for honors and AP)
hospital volunteering director (see below)
science research teacher/sponsor (see below)</p>


<p>600 hours hospital volunteering since soph year
500 hours pharmacy internship since fresh year
will be working a job during summer before senior year
been a tutor since freshman year
3 years in science research (class offered at school where we go to science fairs)
national merit - psat 226; havent applied for it (october)
been playing golf for 4 years (not at school, and no rankings) -not even worth writing down?
will be playing golf (walk on varsity heh) 2011 spring so wont show up?
club president since freshman year
member of jsa
teen court member - work as jury for actual minor offenders</p>

<p>honor societies:
mu alpha theta
spanish honor society
science nat. honor society
nat. honor society
english national honor society</p>



Johns Hopkins</p>


<p>accel med programs at:
northwestern hpme

<p>**any suggestions? **retake sat i, take act, extra currics, etc</p>

<p>bump? ======</p>

<p>Your stats are within range for all the schools that you're looking at. Now it's up to the more subjective factors, such as your recs, essays, ECs, whether the college is in need of someone with your interests, etc. You seem to have a lot of interest in medicine/science/service - try to incorporate all of that into one picture in your app and convey what motivates you to do all of these activities, what kind of a person you are, etc. Good luck!</p>

<p>thanks xrCalico23 i will definitely putting a lot of effort into my essays</p>

<p>Seems like you have a good, solid foundation that will make you eligible for the Ivie's--as xrCalico23 said, the rest is up to you. But I think that it will definitely help you that your EC's are focused towards science research/pharmaceutical/hospital work...sometimes I think that applicants just want to be as 'well-rounded' as possible without really showing commitment to one specific subject area.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Stats, course rigor, and ECs look strong. It's going to come down to your essays to stand out from the crowd, as posters above have already mentioned.</p>

<p>thanks everyone ill definitely be spending a lot of time on my essays
any info on how good my chances are for each college/program (ie match, reach, safety)</p>

<p>Solid all around, like the idea of doing volunteer work in your area of major, and you certainly have a lot of those. The main big thing you have left is your essay, and like everyone else has said, that is important and make sure u nail the remaining SAT IIs. On the right track.</p>

<p>thanks 1984
do you think my stats are good enough for hyp so my essays are the main determining factor between in/out?</p>

<p>if your passionate about golf, i really do think you should at least include it.
if only because it gives a nice glimpse into your personality, and it couldn't hurt.
though i'm definitely thinking those major-geared ec's are gonna do a lot for you.
i can't speak to stats of the programs though, sorry.</p>

<p>You seem like a great candidate! Just write some really solid essays, and get good rec's!</p>

<p>As for the programs, Rice/Baylor, the Northwestern one, and the Brown one will be extremely competitive. One of my friends applied to USC's medical school guarantee program and the one associated with the University of Rochester - she was rejected by both, but was accepted at MIT and many other top schools later on for her undergraduate education. I'm attending Harvard next year, but was rejected by the U of Pittsburgh's medical school guarantee program. I think these programs look for people who have serious passion and long term commitment to medicine... anyway, don't underestimate them :p.</p>

You seem like a great candidate!


<p>Okay, yes, but you'll still face a lot of competition in college admission. There will be a large number of people with your scores or even much better stats who will be applying to the same schools, but there won't be room in the freshmen class for everyone.</p>

<p>The collegeconfidential Stanford SCEA decision thread from last year... you can get an idea of how riddiculously competitive it is...</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>wow xrCalico23
thats intense
im not sure but i think my extra currics are lacking
any input on that?</p>

<p>wow xrCalico23
thats intense
im not sure but i think my extra currics are lacking
any input on that?</p>

<p>Brown: 20%
Columbia: 16%
Stanford: 5%</p>

<p>It seems to me that you have really good stats... especially all of those community service hours, and congrats on those SATs!! I'd say that you should be good to go. :)</p>

<p>roughanswer, where did you get those numbers?</p>

<p>Based on my intuition.</p>

<p>Rough, people don't want intuition. They want feedback =]</p>

<p>@OP: You seem qualified enough for most of those schools: the Ivy's may be a little bit of a reach, but they're the Ivies(BU/NYU seem like low matches). Seems like the luck of the draw for now :) good luck!</p>