Chances for UCs and CSUs?

9th Grade: Two Honors Classes
Semester 1: B, B, B, A, C (Moved halfway across the country, left out my non-academic grades)
Semester 2: A,A,A,A,B
Got my C one of my Bs and one of my As in my honors classes
10 Grade 2APs and 1 Honors
Semester 1 and 2: A,A,A,A,B,B
Both Bs in AP classes
Junior 3APs
Semester 1 A,A,A,A,A,B
Semester 2: A,A,A,A,B,B
Senior year projected
All As and one B
ACT: 32 (34 super scored)
Strong ECs and a job at a trademark office.
Change me for UCs and Cal Poly SLO please?

Intended Major Is A history major or Slavic Studies

My recidency is out of state but I went to a school in CA so not sure what to say there.


Cal Poly GPA? Calculate your SLO MCA:

How many AP and UC approved Honors classes?

I have all 8 the max you can possibly get for both schools.

I have 8 believe that’s the max if not I have 12 total approved. Can you help me determine my GPA I had trouble with that. Also does the fact that my first semester was a huge outliner because I moved across the country change anything?

I’m interested in San Diego State and my MCA should be around 4570 that’s what my GC told me it should be not 100 percent sure though.

What was the Honor’s class in 10th grade since only UC approved Honors courses count for the CSU/UC GPA?

9th grade Honors classes do not get extra points, only 10-11th grade. Senior grades are not included in the GPA calculation. You just to keep up your grades to maintain your provisional admission.

For the UC GPA (10-11th) GPA, I get an UW UC GPA of 3.71 and a weighted capped of 4.04.
17 A’s and 7 B’s with 8 semesters of AP credit.

For UCLA/UCB, they also look at the Fully weighted UC GPA which gives you more points beyond the 8 semesters so you would have around a 4.21 Fully Weighted UC GPA.

For Cal Poly SLO only, your GPA comes out to 3.85 (22 A’s, 11 B’s and 1 C with 8 semesters of AP credit).

SDSU would be a solid Match.
SLO looks like a Match for History based on your MCA score.

UCR: Safety
UCSC: Low Match
UCSD: High Match
UCLA/UCB: High Match-Low Reach

@Gumbymom what does high match mean? My ideal college is UCSD or Cal Poly. Based on my GPA and ACT alone do you think I’m a match for Cal Poly? For me my first choice for cali schools are Cal Poly(might apply ED) UCSD UCI UCSB and then probably SDSU. I think my safety would be UCSC. If you possibly give me a percentage of my chances to get into each college (50 percent would probably be a match I believe?) if not that’s fine.

High Match means around a 50/50 chance. You look like a Match for Cal Poly SLO but they do not offer ED this year only RD.

Freshman admit rates for UC GPA (capped weighted) of 3.80-4.19:

UCB: 12%
UCLA: 14%
UCSD: 39%
UCSB: 49%
UCD: 52%
UCI: 57%
UCSC: 83%
UCR: 90%
UCM: 92%

Apply to all the schools and see where you are accepted. Good Luck.

Oh really that’s strange Is his year abnormal for not having ED for Cal Poly? Looks like a 40 percent change for UCSD and 50s for UCI And UCSB. I will most likely be applying to all UCs other then Cal, UCR, and UCM.

Just also wanted to add that my GPA might be a little higher forgot to add summer classes which would add 3 A’s

Are the summer classes a-g courses after 9th grade? If yes, they could bump up your GPA.

@Gumbymom yep they are one was an AP class I made sure almost all my classes where A-G with my conceslour. What percent is match around 55-60%? Because you said UCLA was a high match-low reach and I have only a 15 percent change of getting in so I was a tad confused.

Match would be 50-60%. Just based on UC GPA alone (although UC’s are GPA focused) your chances would be a Reach but you have a solid ACT score, good EC’s along with job experience, a major (history/slavic studies) which is not nearly as popular as your original major of Econ/Business (2nd most popular major at UCLA) which gives you a better chance. Again, there are no guarantees but you do have a chance.

@Gumbymom Okay I see, so it looks like based upon my intended major, and my grades I should aim to go to Cal Poly, which is great because that is my first choice. Would my chances increase any with those 3 extras A’s and the fact that my only real “Bad” year was my first semester of freshman year?

SLO is all about the MCA numbers and how you compare to the other applicants for the major. Plug in the other A’s and see if they make a significant difference on your GPA.
History has about a 50% acceptance rate so good odds.

@Gumbymom adding those 3 A’s just made it go from a 3.85 to a 3.86 haha

@Gumbymom Also for MCA I took 4 years of Math 4 Years of English 4.5 Years of History 4 Years of Lab Science 4 Years Foreign Language 1 Year of Visual and Performing Arts and 3.5 Years of College Prep.

.5 refers to one semester as at our school AP Government and AP Macro are one semester classes and if you take AP Government you take AP Macro