Chances getting into Texas A&M?

Hello, my daughter applied on 9/30 and finished submitting the other required documents in the days following to AIS. She is getting worried as she still hasn’t heard back but some of her other friends who are review admits already have.
I was wondering if we could hear some feedback on her chance of getting in (Full admission)? Thank you all in advance.

Review In State
Education Major
GPA 3.7 UW 4.6 W
2nd Quarter class of 800+
5 APs + Honors
Graduating with 21 dual credit hours
Did not take SAT
2 ECs
Over 100 Volunteer Hours
National Honor Society
Spanish National Honor Society
2 Letters of Recommendation

Honestly, 2nd quarter hurts with no test score supporting her academics. Her ECs are pretty average along with volunteer hours. 5 APs are great if she has good scores with them. But it does show her course rigor along with 21 dual credit hours.

Hopefully her essay shows something special to catch their attention. But if she doesn’t get straight in as a freshman, there are other ways to make it happen!!! Stay positive and please let us know how it turns out!

Hi! I am an out of state student that applied to A&M in early November. A&M has been my absolute dream school since middle school. Not expecting to hear back until after the holidays but wanted to get some peace of mind and/or prep about my decision. Here are my stats

Review out of State (school does not rank)
Health- Allied Health Major
GPA 3.881 UW 4.357 W
7 APs + 6 Honors
1260 SAT
1, 10+ year EC
4 years of Involvement in Student organizations/held officer positions
Over 1000 Volunteer Hours
National Honor Society
California Scholarship Federation
2 Letters of Recommendation

I have a student waiting as well.

2nd quarter
3.71 on a 4.0 scale
1120 SAT only took once
Physics major

Has taken 4 DE with A’s and AB’s
Only 2 AP classes

What do y’all think?
Both Mom and Dad were Aggie Grads.

She is in review and are hoping for the best. Hate to be negative to her but I am thinking first to Blinn and then try to transfer in?

She has worked steadily for 2 years and has a couple leadership positions and tons of extra curricular and volunteer hours.

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@Matt_B @ChristiR93 will have better advice.
Going to be honest, if she submitted that SAT, that won’t help, plus 2nd quarter rank. Being a legacy (parents attending TAMU) doesn’t carry any weight.
Maybe a Blinn TEAM or PSA offer? But who knows, crazier things have happened?!

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Thank you! I guess we are thinking the same. Just not understanding why they say the SAT won’t effect it either way? Also that there is an “option” to submit scores when it seems that will be held against you vs. not submitting scores would not. Blinn TEAM would actually be our preferred path. We are hopeful one way or the other.

@Matt_B i hear ya. Supposedly it won’t count against, but probably would’ve been better to submit test optional? Just thinking outloud…
Blinn TEAM is a great offer, but it may come down to numbers-how many ahead of her have higher stats and spaces available.
Keep us posted!

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Awe sadly I’m going to agree with @52AG82. 2nd quarter is tough if you don’t have a solid sat score to boost up the rating Tamu assigns. They will score/rate her with and without her sat so you are correct this it won’t hurt her. They’ll just see where she lands both ways. With it not being high, it may not move her either way (up or down).

Y’all being former students may work against her for gateway Simply because the goal of gateway is to work with students who many need extra support. However I’ve seen all types of students get this option.

Team will come down to availability. I would say many last year were top quarter that got team, but not all.

I love your backup plan from blinn to Tamu transfer. It’s such a good option and it puts her in Aggieland. She’ll make a ton of friends both Aggies and at blinn if she puts herself out there. No one cares where you go. Especially freshman year. It’s very common.

Please keep us posted and if she does do straight transfer route, let me know if I can help y’all with degree planning to best position herself. Happy to help!


@ChristiR93 thank you for the response. We will definitely be seeking advice for the Fall if Blinn first is our path. This is our first time thru, things have changed so much since we were there 30 years ago.

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