Chances @ Hotchkiss

<p>Hotchkiss is the one and only boarding school im applying to. Dont afraid to be rash or truthful.</p>

<p>Im a 9th grade male from long island applying for 10th grade. I took the ssat and got a 2298. I got a 99 math 91% reading and 87% verbal. My grades are good and my classes are as follows:
Honors biology, B+ (teacher is a complete idiot and most difficult science course in school)
Honors math, A
Latin II A
English A
Global history A+
I am taking the most advanced classes available for my grade level.
My interview went pretty well and i emphasized my leadership skills especially on my emerging crew team. </p>


<p>Crew, leading coxswain on team and important leader out of 120+ rowers. Won 6th place in NYS championship, 1st at the big duck regatta, and 3rd at long island championships</p>

<p>Lacrosse, on travel team for 5 years</p>

<p>Film making, director of most films. Youtube video with 200k+ views.</p>

<p>Track and XC 5th man on team.</p>

<p>Rare vintage sneaker collector (hobby)</p>

<p>I play trumpet for a few years</p>

<p>I am a member and donator of the YDA (young democrats of america)</p>

<p>Ive played golf since I was 5.</p>

<p>I have about 5 hours of community service</p>

<p>I won the presidents educational program award in 8th grade. </p>

<p>2nd place in school in a NYS math competition. </p>

<p>In 5th grade I went along with 2 other students to a math competition at westbury college.</p>

<p>I got a 97 on the Integrated Algebra (9th grade class) and a 99 on the Earth Science (10th grade class) regents exams in 8th grade.</p>

<p>I wrote, edited, shot, and directed and tribute film for a legendary retiring middle school science teacher.</p>

<p>Raised most money on crew team (~$20,000) at erg-athon fundraiser.</p>

<p>Two of my three recs will be good. My third from my math teacher will be weak as it seems he has something against me.</p>

<p>Also i am in latin club, key club, and FBLA (future business leaders of america)</p>

<p>I can't imagine any school wouldn't want you with those grades and achievements. Really. But then again there is that whole culture thing, and I know a lot of Hotchkiss students who graduated from my (independent) school. None are financial aid, several have siblings there, and all are pretty seriously preppy and sporty. Does that describe you? I get the feeling that while the students at Hotchkiss all bring something to the table academically, there seemed to be a definite "type" when I was at my campus tour this fall. You wouldn't see a leather jacket there, for example. Just my observations. I am also applying for tenth and I don't know any other girls applying for tenth, just a ton of boys, and we have all been told that the most important piece of the puzzle is teacher recommendations. Good luck--I am with you here. If it makes you feel any better, Hotchkiss sent me a Christmas card and wished me well in my music lessons but got the instrument wrong. It would be funny but it still made me sad.</p>


<p>BUMP! Chance for chance!!</p>