Chances?! Input would be greatly appreciated.

<p>I am a high school junior from Massachusetts, and I plan on applying to U Miami early decision this coming fall. It is without a doubt my number 1. First, will early decision help a lot? Secondly, do you think I have a good shot?</p>

<p>-Weighted GPA: 3.1 (Strong rigor)
-SAT: CR 660, Math 610, Writing 700. 1270/1600, 1970/2400.
-Class Rank: Top 25%
-Numerous/Strong extracurriculars
-Expecting good recs
-In the process of a good essay</p>

<p>You have solid SATs, but a weighted 3.1 will be an issue. What is your unweighted GPA? Miami's Common Data Set puts a 3.1 in the bottom 5% of accepted applicants; hopefully your guidance counselor can convey the rigor of your school to Miami.</p>

<p>I'm not sure what my unweighted GPA is, but Miami knows my school and we generally do well with it. The average GPA of accepted students since 2007 from my school is a weighted 3.3.</p>