Chances of Admission

<p>I am only a freshman but I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me whether or not I am on the right track to be admitted to Virginia.</p>

<p>Male, caucasian, competitive private school in TN</p>

<p>These are the classes I am taking currently, along with the classes I plan to take for the rest of high school (The letters indicate the grade I received the first three quarters. Speech, World Religions, and Christian Dynamics are all required classes.):</p>

Biology H B, B, A
Reading and Composition H B, B, B
Ancient History A, A, A
Speech/World Religions A, A, A
Latin II H A, A, A
Geometry H A, A, A</p>

Chemistry H
American Literature
World History H
Latin III H
Algebra II H
Academy Singers</p>

Physics H
Pre-Cal H
Statistics AP
AP Chemistry
Latin IV H
US History
British Literature </p>

Physics AP
Calculus AP
European History AP
Latin AP
World Literature
Christian Dynamics
Study Hall</p>

<p>SAT: Took the SAT recently and scored 600 on math, 600 on critical reading, and 700 on writing, 1900 total (88th percentile for juniors)</p>

<p>ACT: English 31, Math 28 (will increase as almost all questions I missed were algebra II stuff), Science 29, Reading 29 (Composite=29)</p>

<p>EC: High school basketball, volunteer YMCA basketball coach, will be working a job once I become old enough, Math Team, Engineering Team, Founded non-profit organization that collects used Bibles and sends them to places like Haiti, Ghana, Brazil where they don't have access to them, will probably pick up a few more as high school progresses</p>

<p>I am actually pretty good at science despite my low biology grade. I'm better at science that involves math (physics, chemistry, etc.)</p>

<p>Be a high school student. It is your one opportunity. Just do your best, take the most difficult course schedule you can that maximizes good grades and worry about this 2 years from now. :)</p>

<p>You seem to be on target, and it is great you are planning ahead. However, make up a list of many other universities where you also could be happy. UVa's out of state admissions are very tough, even for highly qualified students.</p>

<p>I'm also interested in Rice, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Illinois</p>

<p>You may find that 2 years from now your list has completely changed. Your courses look good, give it your best shot but remember to enjoy yourself and not get too stressed out about which college you end up attending.</p>