Chances of getting in Biology Major at Cal Poly

<p>GPA: 4.0 SAT: 1930
Science Classes:
Forensic Sciences (A/A), Biology (A/A), Chemisty (A/B), Physiology/Anatomy (A/A), ROP Sports Medicine (A/A)
Math Classes:
Algerbra I (A/A), Geometry (A/A), Algebra II (A/A), Advanced Algebra (A/A), AP Statistics (B/B)</p>

<p>Took honors English freshman and sophomore year, AP Psychology Junior year.
What are my chances of getting into a biology major?</p>

<p>Excellent chances, especially if you are doing early decision. I applied this year early decision and have a 4.06 weighted GPA, a 28 on my ACT and I got in early decision into biology.</p>

<p>LisaVargas1 thanks for the reply! I did regular decision though! What was your course load like?</p>

<p>You'll get in!</p>

<p>My courseload was not that heavy. I took one weighted class in my junior year (Precalc honors) and am taking my first 2 AP classes in my senior year (AP Bio and AP Stat). I had regular Bio, and regular Chem and then in my senior year I am taking AP Bio, Marine Bio and regular Physics as far as science classes. In Math, I had Geometry, Algebra 2 honors, Pre Calc Honors and then in senior year AP Stat. The math and science were the only classes that I took honors because I am not an english history type person. I don't think there were too many biology people accepted early decision. Most that I have heard seem to be engineering, agriculture and business. I am so excited to get to Cal Poly.</p>