Chances of getting in?

Hi! I’m going into my senior year of high school, and NCSU has been my dream school for a couple years. I decided yesterday that I would like to go into environmental engineering. As excited as I am to go into college, I’m worried I may not have what it takes to get in.

Here are my stats:
-Unweighted GPA: 4.25
-ACT (going to retake in September): 30
-Extracurriculars: Marching band (4 yrs), NHS (2 yrs), SNHS (president), environmental club (president), paid work, various environmental groups in NC
-4 AP’s and 2 local community college courses

Sorry if it’s too vague, my school has been limited on giving us information about our stats. Thank you!

How is your unweighted GPA 4.25? That must be your weighted GPA. Given that you’re in-state, there’s a fairly simple predictor, if you have Naviance. Go on there, check to see how many kids were accepted from your school to NCSU these past three years. Say, the number is 60. Consider yourself relatively safe if your class rank is in the top 30, maybe 35. Not to say you don’t have a chance if it’s not, but it’s a reasonably safe chance if it is.