chances of getting into a top tier college for econs atm?

so I got my IGCSE results, and they are as follows
(A 9 is an A*, 8 is an A and etc.)

eng lit - 9
eng lang - A
math - 9
bio - 8
chem - 9
physics - 9
french - 9
art - 7 (A)
econs - A*
computer science - A*
add math - B

For IB here are my subjects:
HL economics, math AA, computer science
SL art, french, English lit lang

Apart from this, I am doing also doing

  • CAS (creativity, action, service)
  • DELF (french exams)
  • Dance
  • MUN (model united nations)
  • Duke of Edinburgh gold award
  • I have also started my own Economics club in school with one other fellow student

I am a student in Singapore and intend to double major in economics and math. My dream is to go to Wharton at UPenn. Would you say I’m on track?

Penn’s economics and math departments land in its School of Arts and Sciences. Wharton is Penn’s business school. If you’d like to study economics and math at a U.S. college, you should explore a range of options.

ACT/SAT scores?

I’m sitting them in march

@Hamhurtle i’m sitting them in march

@merc81 In addition to the economics major offered in the College of Arts and Sciences, Wharton undergrad also offers a concentration in Behavioral Economics.

@rad1804 Wharton must be considered a reach school for any unhooked applicant. And without standardized testing results nobody can begin to try and chance you.

@happy1: Thanks for the clarification.