Chances of getting into Andover, Exeter, Deerfield, Milton, Loomis?

<p>I'm an international student applying for Fall 2015 Grade 9. I took my SSAT in October and my score was 2193 (90%). However my TOEFL score was pretty low - 97. I know these schools have rigorous academic courses and that most of these schools usually accept students who score higher than 100. Is there any chance of me getting into one of the five schools?
Here are some extra-curricular activities I'm involved in:
Violin: I have played the violin for ten years and am currently Grade 8 (ABRSM) and preparing for the ATCL Recital Exam. I have also won a festival award in an international competition in Vienna.
Orchestras (I am currently playing in 3 orchestras): I have been the concertmistress in two orchestras
Church: I play the violin for our church on special occasions, I am also in the Youth Fellowship and we organize many activities for the church community (especially Sunday School)
Internship activities: I have been in a company where they teach English through the media (for one summer only). I have also taught underprivileged children English and helped with project managements, translations from English to Chinese, and other assignments.
Academics: I'm in the highest class in my grade, but I'm not the best in academics. I've obtained a few academic awards: ICAS English and Science, Gauss Contest etc.
MUN and Debate: I have participated in an MUN Workshop but I am not in the Model United Nations Club or team. For debate, I was accepted but I had to quit due to the clashing of time slots with the orchestra</p>

<p>I haven't done any interviews yet but I'm really scared the time slots are all taken. (I haven't scheduled an interview for some of the schools - I've contacted them but they haven't replied) Hopefully the recommendations will be fine, and also I'm hoping there will be more positive comments on my school transcript. </p>

<p>Can anybody chance me? Any constructive criticism is totally welcomed! </p>

<p>There’s no reason to put in extracurriculars that you don’t actually do. </p>

Hello Helloo (get it),

There’s not much you can do now, with the March 10th date in two days, but for other reading this, take my advice: communicate! The obvious people to talk to would be your parents, but if you’re like me, they may not know much about prep schools (first generation prep here, no legacies). I’d say talk to your placement officer or someone similar, since they usually know what they’re doing. Also, schools love it when you reach out yourself, especially the schools of that caliber (TSAO, ISL, etc.), so definitely email the coaches, arts department heads, etc. Best of luck!

@mrnephew‌ Thought the exact same thing. Do people normally do this?

@ccwhiz22 @wwang18: The original post was posted on December 23, 2014. wwang18 just merely bumped it up.

@thelittleswimmer I was referring to Mrnephews comment about “hellohellooos” EC’s being fake.

I’m sure there are people who do it to embellish their EC’s, but schools can easily snuff out that kind of BS.

@ccwhiz22 Oh! I’m sorry, I misunderstood your comment. Thank you for clarifying.

@mrnephew maybe Helloos are much more “toned down” and realistic in their application, but decided to sugarcoat it here so no one would recognize them? Either way, these over the top stats really discourage other kids.

And little swimmer, yeah I understand, I have to say my comment was vague to myself as well.