Chances of getting into Coast Guard Academy?

I really don’t have an idea on my chances of getting into the academy. I will become a high school junior in August, 2018. I have been involved in many honors courses. Junior and senior year I plan on being in AP Bio, AP Calc, AP Psych, AP English, AP Chem,and college prep courses. My current GPA is a 3.9 and I have not taken the SAT or the ACT yet. However, I took the PSAT freshman year (I did not study or try as hard as I should’ve) and got a 1050 out of 1520.
My extracurriculars consist of
-being an active member of the drama club
-captain of math team
-leader in bible study club
-will be in NHS junior and senior year
-will be in Key Club junior and senior year
-did JROTC for one year
-varsity girls lacrosse (plan on staying in for the rest of highschool which Will make 3 years in a varsity sport)

I am working very hard on the physical aspect on getting into the academy and am improving tremendously.

Based on these details, does anyone know what my chances currently are in getting into the academy? And does anyone have any advice on what I can do to improve my leadership skills and any other aspect that needs improving so my chances of getting in are higher? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Study hard for your SAT or ACT. Here is the class profile.

Contact the coach and become a recruited athlete. MUCH better chances with a coach pulling for you.