Chances of getting into IMSA(class of 2026)

Hey there,

I am a 9th grader that has an interest in getting into IMSA. Let me get the stats out of the way then I can talk about myself.

SAT: 1290/1600 Reading: 620, Math: 670
8th GPA: 4.0
Map: Math 289, Reading: 256
race: Indian
gender: male

I LOVE engineering. I have been interested in robotics since I was 7 years old. I made my first robot out of lego Mindstorms at 9 - 10. Since then I have made entirely independent inventions. I have my own workshop in my basement. Recently I got second place for my grade at the US Invention Convention nationals. In total, about 150,000 students competed from all over the nation. I am a very motivated student who loves to learn. I took geo honors in 8th grade. I also have taken many courses from Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development. I took honors bio from there and now I am taking AP Computer Science A. I am a very social kid, not the best in sports, but I have an excellent relationship with all my teachers in middle school. My dream university is MIT. Every time I look into anything to do with IMSA I get so excited to be able to be around people who will be just as motivated and smart as me(if not more).