Chances of getting into NUS and NTU

Anyone applying to these colleges in Singapore from India? Please share your academic and extra-curricular details here in this discussion.

Here is mine:


  1. High School Grade 9 and 10: a perfect 10 CGPA ( 95.00 %)
  2. Expected Grade 12 score: 95 % above (I really screwed up my 11th grade because of my extracurriculars)
  3. Medal holder in English olympiads (not international level though) (I am just worried that will it be even considered since I want to major in Environmental Science.)
  4. I'm also giving competitive exams, JEE and NEST but I am not quite sure how much I can score. I'll aim for a 90 percentile or above.
  5. Since my Boards get over on March 27 and the application process gets on over on 31st March, can I write that I will give SAT exam in the May month and then submit my score along with my board scores?


  1. Made a social work community in school in grade 9 and did many projects like teaching kids the English language, Organ Donation Awareness camps and various plantation drive.
  2. State level winner of National Children's Science Congress and got selected for the national level.
  3. Represented school in the national level of CBSE Regional Science Exhibition.
  4. Made a magazine which was completely based on women empowerment. We just worked on two issues of it.
  5. Did a content writing internship at a company.

Do I have any chances? What else would you recommend?

You have agreat chance! did you make it in? I got in and am hoping to connect with fellow offer holders for 2019 intake. Feel free to contact me on whatsapp 7760460924

@blackstar2001 Where r u trying?

Hiiii i am currently in grade 12
class 10: 94% and class11- 89.7%


  1. President of Security Council at WIMIUN- new york
  2. Ranked 10 at zonal level International commerce olympiad and received medal of excellence and certificate for the same
  3. Participated in charity eventss
  4. double commendation certificate in class 10
  5. course from Yale (online)
    there r a few more but i cant think of any atm… Do you think i stand a chance ?

I’m currently at NUS, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Economics Dept)

chances are less since the look at only academics