Chances of getting into Trinity Pawling, Millbrook, Cushing, Pomfret Kent, Proctor academy

I am looking to repeat my 11th grade year at Trinity Pawling, Cushing Academy, Millbrook, Pomfret, Kent, Berkshire and, Proctor Academy.

My accumulative GPA is little low a 3.46 because, I was really immature my freshman year. I have informed each schools coach about this. I have made recent strides in improving my academics I am a three time honor roll student, I got a 3.8 GPA the second semester of my sophomore year and, I am currently doing well in school right now.

I am applying for financial aid as well my family will be able to pay 30,000 a year for my two years so I do not now if that will affect my chances.

I am a male from North Dakota and I know each school does not have a student from my state so could that help boost my chances?

Outside of school I am involved in Boy Scouts where I have earned awards and held leadership positions. I am also currently working on my Eagle Scout at the moment.

I play lacrosse and I have been talking to each schools coach about playing there. I also have accolades in lacrosse as well.

I am involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as a huddle member.

I write for my schools paper and I have written articles where I have done lots of research and have worked with college professors.

I have also started to wrestling this is my first year though.

For my essays I have already begun writing them as this date (October). I will have my mother review them and give me feedback then go back and edit them. Then I will have my English teacher also review them and help me improve them.

For my recommendations I have a good relationship with my English teacher, decent relationship with my Math teacher, a good relationship with my chemistry teacher and, I will be using one of my lacrosse coaches as my fourth recommendation who I have a good relationship with.

Because, of Covid I know a lot of schools have gone test optional so unless I do well on my test I will not be submitting one. Since I will most likely not be submitting a test what are something I can do to improve my chances.

If any of you can give your thoughts on my chances of attending these schools and ways I can improve my application that would be greatly appreciated.

I can’t chance you, but you seem like a great applicant! Question: if Trinity Pawling, why not The Salisbury School?

Wait listed last year by them should I reapply

It probably wouldn’t hurt to reapply, especially since with COVID many things are in flux with admissions. My perception is that Salisbury is a likelier admit than Millbrook or Kent (I don’t know the other schools at all). However your improved grades should help you.

Why boarding school?

If you are a really strong lacrosse player you can get into TP. Just be ready for the difference in skill and ability coming from ND.
My son reclassified at TP and it was an eye opener. He was All-State level in NC but played limited minutes at TP.
That being said he was actively recruited and played in college but his Junior year at TP there were 26 D1 commits on his team…

For sure I get that and I understand that I will need to work harder then the starters to earn my place. But, I do have some really good experience on the club circuit played against teams like Madlax, Denver Elite, True Illinois national/Premier and, Juiced Cherries.

How so? do you think it would be unlikely I would be admitted to Millbrook or Kent.

Cushing is enrolling now isn’t it? That makes me think they have room. (I hear ads for them on the radio).

would that make my admission easier for repeating my 11th grade next year?

I’m honestly not sure but if they are looking for students it is a good sign for kids who want to go there. I guess I was kind of thinking “why not call and find out if you can just go now?” but maybe they are not high on your list?

I do not know if it is likely or unlikely for you to be admitted to Millbrook or Kent, all I know is that their average stats (GPA, SSAT) are higher than, say, Salisbury or TP, and historically those boys’ schools have had higher admit rates, leading me to believe it is a bit easier to get admitted to them than to Millbrook or Kent, in general.

Some of the boarding schools have openings now (mainly due to internationals not coming back due to COVID). So it doesn’t hurt to call and ask.