Chances of getting into UCONN?

About me:

gpa (weighted): 4.01

SAT: 1230


3 AP classes this year, 1 last year (total is 4)

All honors classes 11-12th grade, some honors in 9th and 10th grade

Mostly A’s, maybe 1 or 2 B+'s in every quarter

80 volunteering hours (my school had a 50 hour requirement, but got rid of it this year due to covid)

no sports, 3 clubs

Your advice is appreciated!

I would say you’re gonna get in. From what I hear, B+ average, and about 1300 SATs. I would say you are in the ballpark. Unfortunately, what I have seen in the past is that UConn didn’t seem to recognize “rigor”. I’ve seen kids who never took an honors or AP class in their lives (from schools where fully a quarter of the kids DID) get in, while the kids who were much brighter, who got some B grades but always took AP and Honors, did not. If you don’t get in right away, you will get in off the wait list.