Chances...or not?

<p>Hi, I decided to try a chances post, even though I'm pretty sure I won't get in.</p>

<p>High school senior from Wyoming. </p>

<p>Have taken most difficult course load possible under the circumstances. (I've moved twice in high school and attended three vastly different schools with different requirements, sequences, course offerings, etc.)
APs: U.S. History (5), English
Dual Enrollment: Political science, psychology, Spanish, German</p>

<p>ACT Composite: 30
English: 34
Reading: 35
Math: 28
Science: 22
Essay: 11</p>

<p>My class rank is 1/165 or so and my GPA is 4.00 (school does not weight.)</p>

Assisted with ESL program for newly arrived immigrants (11)
Mock Trial (11), award at state championships, varsity letter
National Honor Society (11, 12)
Tutor a struggling fourth grader around two hours a week (12)
Theater/Drama: (9, 10, 12) Secretary of Drama Club (10)
Co-led 4-H club for elementary school age children (9, 10)
Teens Against Tobacco Use Club: (9, 10) Organized tobacco prevention events in elementary and middle schools.
Speech and Debate Team: (12)
Volleyball (10) Scholar Athlete
National Honor Roll
Principal's Honor Roll
Academic Letter
National Young Leaders Conference
Internship with local prosecutor (summer before senior year, 25 hours per week)
Taught lessons, cared for horses in exchange for use of a horse and showing privileges, and instruction: (7, 8, 9, 11, 10-20 Hours per week)
Box Girl: (summer before junior year, 25 hours per week)</p>

<p>Good (I think) essays
Marginal counselor rec (He doesn't know me well, little knowledge of grammar)
Good teacher recs.</p>

<p>valedictorian of class in wyoming? you're in.</p>

<p>I think you have a solid chance</p>

<p>Wyoming = plus</p>

<p>I am also sending SAT results, if this changes anything.</p>

<p>Critical Reading: 730
Math: (Oh no!!!) 610
Writing: 760 (9 essay)</p>