Chances with Early Decision for BME major at Johns Hopkins

My son intends to apply ED for BME at JHU this year. His stats are below…What are his chances?
South Asian (Indian) American, US Citizen living in NJ.
Public high school, upper middle class income family, only child.

Weighted GPA 4.48; unweighted 3.7
SAT: 1590.(math 800; Lang: 790)
Class rank: in the Top5%
11 AP Courses-
9th Grade : Bio Hons (Sub SAT Score : 740)
10thGrade: AP Chem (Score 4)
11 Grade: 5 AP courses (Physics, Calc, LaL, MacroEcon, Music Theory) - Scores awaited.
12th Grade (enrolled): 5 AP courses (Physics 2, Calc, micro Econ; Advanced Math for Engineers, Spanish)

3 Summers at John’s Hopkins CTY (Intro to Biomedicine, Electrical Engineering, Neuroscience)
1 Summer internship with Biomedical Research Institute of NJ- on tracking a Genetic marker for Alzheimer’s.
1 summer program at UCLA on Nanotechnology.
100+ Volunteer hours in Tutoring and social service.
Keen interest in music- plays violin and classical guitar
Black belt in Karate.

**Essay- Reasonably strong essay that describes his challenges with a minor physical disability.

Cost Constraints / Budget
No Constraints - have a well funded 529 plan.

Besides JHU, applying to-
Other suggestions welcome…

Congratulations on his achievements.

I can’t chance him, but do think his stats and experiences will make him competitive at all of the schools on his list. Make sure he demonstrates interest at the schools that want that.

Although I think it’s likely he will get into CWRU, the rest of the schools are reaches. Does he have at least one safety school that he would be happy to attend? Maybe Rutgers?

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RE:3.7 UW GPA, what types of grades in core academic courses in sophomore /junior year?In one GA Tech session , the AO pretty much said they expect mostly A’s with maybe a B here or there. The SAT score is awesome!

All As (including a few A-), except a B+ in PreCalc in sophomore year.

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Yes, he will apply at UPitt and Rutgers for safety.

Great scores and class rank. The ECs look solid. With ED, I think your chances are very good. But BME is the most competitive. I believe its the only major within JHU that they restrict the # of students.

Have you thought about applying to a different, less competitive engineering major within JHU?

Hi sgopal2,

My son’s interests are in stem cells, genetic engineering, Neuroscience, etc…
If not BME at one of his Top 5/6 schools, he will probably go into one of these majors at the best place he can get into.
What do you think about that plan?

He’s got a great chance during ED1. Just have a good backup plan in case he gets deferred. The RD rounds lately have been brutal, especially for asian students. If allowed, then consider also applying EA to MIT and Caltech.

Does he have a ED2 plan? Given his interest in stem cells, genetic engineering and neuroscience take a look at the molecular engineering major at UChicago. Chicago is the highest ranked school that also has an ED2 option. They don’t have traditional engineering majors, but the newly created school of molecular engineering looks like it fits your son’s interests.

Thanks sgopal2!
That is a great suggestion!

Hi All, I do have one follow up question for this thread.
While applying Early decision at Johns Hopkins, do the chances go down if one applies for Financial Aid?

Just to be clear, I don’t think we would qualify for any federal aid, but I’m wondering if JHU would offer any relief on the tuition. Who wouldn’t want to pay $55k as opposed to $75k a year?

Run their NPC to get a cost estimate. If it shows you as full pay, I wouldn’t apply for FA. You can submit FAFSA later if you want to take the $5.5K first year loan. If you need to compare financial offers from colleges, you might not want to apply ED anywhere.

NPC calculators may not be accurate if your parents are divorced, own a business, or own real estate beyond a primary home…are any of those the case for you?

Thanks Mwfan!

Appreciate the response and the suggestion!

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Mwfan, the numbers from NPC show me as full pay…and it is likely to be accurate as none of the above conditions apply…

So I guess it is going to be ED with no FA :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the help!

Hi all, closing the loop on this thread…

My son just submitted his ED application at JHU.

Thanks for all your inputs and suggestions…I will update the outcome when we hear back from them…Keeping fingers crossed!


He did not make it :frowning:
Thanks again all for your help and support…

…gearing uo for more essay writing over the winter break :slight_smile:

Very sorry to hear that. This must have been difficult to hear, especially with your son’s stats and ECs. The RD rounds are even more brutal for Asian/STEM type kids.

Has your son thought about applying ED2 anywhere? That would significantly boost his odds. I’m worried that even during RD rounds, most of the schools on his list would be difficult. Would he be okay attending a safety school?

Thanks Gopal!

He has also applied EA to UMich, GATech, Case & Rutgers and will be applying RD to UPenn, Cornell, BU, U Roch, Pitt, WPI & NJIT…

As for ED2- he is considering UChic- per your advice. Waiting for the decision from Case…

Thanks again!

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Pitt is rolling admission….he should get that app in ASAP. He has already missed the honors college deadline.


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