<p>I'm from delhi
My stats are
SAT 1 Verbal 800 Math 760
SAT 2 will give in nov
Rank Ist/2nd out of 800+ students
95% in class 10 icse, certificates for highest marks in various subjects
Invited by Stanford University to participate in the education program for gifted youth (EPGY)
Offered scholarship by the United world college, Italy and India for class 11 and 12
Certificate of high distinction in English by the University of New south Wales
Rank holder in all India Mathematics Olympiad (38th rank out of 2 lac + children)
general proficiency and merit in all subjects (Class 2 to Class 10)</p>

A BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS (2002-03) in Spotlight Inter School Competition, Mumbai
A Prize for best play (2002-03) in Cascade inter School festival, Mumbai (3rd place)
A Best play-Hindi (2001-02) in Cascade inter- school festival.
A Best actress in Bal Mahotsav organized by Prempuri Bal Sanskar Kendra, Mumbai.</p>

A Sports captain of school in class 10
A Sports captain of house in class 9
A Captained Best Team in Mumbai district Throw ball championship
A Various prizes in Basketball, throw ball, Handball and Table-Tennis at Inter house and inter school level </p>

Runner up in personality contest "TEEN OF THE YEAR" finals (Mumbai) and participated in the All-India Finals organized by the TEENAGER magazine
School Contingent leader at inter school festival Cascade
School Contingent leader at Inter School Cultural festival (WE ARE THE WORLD) organized by Rotary Club
Awarded Britannia Champs Trophy for best all-rounder
Awarded Best Companion Award by Consul-General of Netherlands
Member of School Consumer club of Delhi Public School, RK Puram</p>

adjudged Best speaker at Inter School YMCA Debate + other copetitions
Participated and won prizes in various debates, extempore, elocution competitions at interhouse and inter school level</p>

<p>need financial aid</p>

<p>what are my chances of getting into an ivy</p>

<p>It is obvious to me that you stand a great chance at any college you decide to apply to.</p>

<p>where are u applying??</p>

<p>I am applying EA to harvard
will also be applying to u penn, mit, yale, boston univ, Univ of chicago, nyu, brown, tuft, duke</p>

<p>Yeah, you have great chances anywhere. But you might want to reconsider NYU coz I don't think NYU gives aid to internationals. And you aren't applying to Stanford?? I would think the EPGY thing would help a lot.</p>

<p>Astrix, ur wrong about the EPGY, anyone with a SAT math>700 gets invited for EPGY, plus ritz didnt attend.</p>

<p>And Ritz was Ishan Behoora from your school?? and you definitely have a great shot at all the schools you've listed.</p>

<p>Whats ur intended major??</p>

<p>I plan to major in eco or business... am not too sure about nyu
No I dont think that there is an ishan b in my school
actually there are 22 sections so its not really possible to know everyone
astrix which school are you in</p>

<p>does dartmouth give financial aid to international students and how is it for eco.</p>

<p>Dartmouth takes into account how much you can pay but says it meets full financial need.</p>

<p>So like... wow... you're ranked first at rkp? I think that would pretty much clinch the deal at a lot of places</p>

<p>the only problem is that dps rkp does'nt officially rank its students so all i get is top 1% which is written on every other person's counselor reco.</p>

<p>top 1% of 800, is still top class</p>

<p>awsome to get such a high SAT (ritz). i think u stand a VERY good chance at any of the unis. Harvard's a little odd school - iv seen some 1600 ptrs with great recs and ECs + awards being denied early decision. itscrazy. sometimes i wonder if they draw the candidates out of hat or what...</p>

<p>Upenn is easy i think. how abt CMU? or Gatech?</p>

<p>CMU does'nt offer financial aid, as far as i know, to intl students.
Will find out about gatech... thanks.
you're right about harvard... I'm not expecting much as far as harvard goes.</p>

<p>gatechs a great school....ul easily get in esp with such great scores in SAT.</p>

<p>I think MIT is very likely if you want. They want ppl with high SATs and good ecs, and are more than willing to support internationals. Give it a shot, im pretty certain the answer will be positive.</p>

<p>u studying at DPS?</p>

<p>yes... in dps rkp</p>

<p>big school eh? my gf here in korea is from dps...she said its real big</p>

<p>Hi Ritz,
Could you help me with Verbal part of the SAT? How did you prepare? are there any good vocabulary lists etc? Could you reply immediately since I am taking SAT in November.
Shubham Manchanda
DPS faridabad
9th and 10th grade</p>

<p>Shubham, Princeton review books are pretty good... Just practise a lot of tests, as far as the vocab goes I went for these classes where they gave us a list of around 1500 words although I'm not sure about how much the list actually helped.I think that solving previous papers is the best approach. Best of luck</p>