CHANCESSS!!!11(cos(0)) hehe

<p>hey guys im a hispanic junior and im trying to see if i have the stats that could possibly lead up to an acceptance to the UVa...just evaulate thanks</p>

<p>school is ranked 115 among all public schools in nation...wealthy suburb</p>

PSAT: 2250
SAT IIs: ive only taken math 2- 770...gonna take chem and us history at the end of the school year- Practices give range between 770-800 on each.
GPA: 3.8 uw
Rank: don't rank(not even decile)... extremely competitive school in long island,ny</p>

<p>Currently taking 2 AP's/3 honors(most my schedule will allow and will take 5/6 AP's or so next year (calc, macro/micro,physics, english,government)</p>

<p>All honors/AP classes 11th and 12th , made honor roll all of 10th,11th </p>

<p>Going to be taking the AMC12 in january or really not sure how im gonna do because i dont really know about the AMC but my school invited me to take the test im expecting to do okay
President of the Astronomy Club ( conducted astronomy night at my school, conduct observing sessions every other week)
Secretary of Model Congress ( competed 2 years at Yale Model Congress, 1 year Harvard, 1 year UPenn.)
4 year dedicated member of mathletes
2 years Website club
200-250 hours volunteering at LIJ Medical Center
Currently working as administrative assistant/research assistant at New Age Skin Research Foundation[will be mentioned as co-researcher in study that will be published in top dermatological journal]
Attended Johns Hopkins CTY 9th grade
Attended Cornell University Summer College 10th grade
Going to attend one of the following: Caltech YESS program,Caltech SSP, MIT MITES,Columbia Summer program,Garcia Research summer program at Polytechnic in New York
Master Guide of Seventh Day Adventist "Pathfinders" organization, kind of like a huge youth organization for my denomination.Master guide is the highest rank you can achieve. [pretty much a religious eagle scout type thing]
Drill Seargent of Church Drill team for past 4 years
Heavy involvement in church activities.
Captain of club soccer team. (2 years)[Outdoor/indoor soccer for 3 years]</p>

<p>Other Factors:Im pretty sure im gonna get either National Merit Finalist/semifinalist, also Nationa Hispanic Scholar, Parents are both immigrants: dad from Egypt, Mom from Peru. im gonna say extremely humble beginnings but im not exactly sure if thats a factor in admissions.
Hook (if any): Hispanic i guess.? some research stuff as well
State or Country: USA
School Type: extremely competitive public...last year about the top 10-12% of about 400-500 kids in the graduating class went to ivy league and a couple of other went to places like Stanford, MIT,etc.
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Arabic
Gender: m</p>

<p>EDIT: i have a serious upward trend in my high school transcript (low grades(B) to all A's , minimal honors --> all honors/AP)</p>

<p>Chances at UVa please</p>

<p>Based on your PSAT scores, you should be able to get 2300+ on SATs. If you can achieve that, I'd say you have an extremely good chance of getting in.</p>

<p>what LI school?</p>

<p>in-state, you'd be an automatic almost
OOS though, you're maybe in the lower 50%</p>

<p>wow realy lower 50th damn...competition must be really fierce...does my urm status help at all</p>

<p>You have a decent shot. I think that giving you odds of better than 50% is a bit of a stretch, as you're only slight aboveaverage for an OOS applicant. Being hispanic doesn't give too much of an admissions boost at UVA, but it may put you over the edge. The math/science stuff will definitely help, particularly if you do well. Take a look around CC and see if you can find stuff to help you prep for the AMC12. Doing well on that will put you through to the AIME, and doing well on the AIME will qualify you for the USAMO, which would definitely help for getting into UVA (as wella as schools higher up on the food chain ;) ).</p>

<p>ok you guys mean im in the 50th percentile in ec's or grades or test scores or what.</p>

<p>2.isnt is strange that urm status doesnt help in uva but it plays a major role in the ivies/other top schools</p>

<p>what i meant by the lower 50%, is that you're still in a good range of stats, but there are going to be other OOS kids with 4.0s UW...OOS is really competative, because UVA tries to keep a 2/3 percentage of instate, i'd say 50% of OOS applicants have a higher GPA than you, but at the same time, you're not in the range where OOS kids get WL/rejected</p>


<p>It's impossible to give you a percent chance of admission, beefs. It's also impossible to give you a percentile rank of quality among OOS applicants. You're a strong, but not amazing, OOS applicant. It's very possible that you'll get in, but don't count on it. I'd tell you the same for the other schools in the same selectivity range as UVA OOS.</p>

<p>UVA does give rather large benefits to URM's, just not to hispanics, from what I've seen. If you were black, it would be a different story. Besides, you said you were half egyptian, anyway...haha.</p>

<p>shoebox, UVA OOS is competitive because 2/3 of the applications come from OOS and 1/3 of the student body comes from OOS. However, that is somewhat softened by the fact that the OOS yield is half of the instate yield. Also, there's no way to say that any particular percentage of applicants has a higher GPA than the OP...and it doesn't matter. GPA's are important, but they're relative. They can't be compared accurately between schools.</p>