Chancing for UF

So I am an IB Senior applying to college right now and I want to know my chances of getting into the University of Florida. I am in state so I know that slightly improves my chances

UW gpa: 3.11
w: 4.4 on a scale of 6 (ib/ap classes being weighed 6, honors 5, and standard 4)

I’ve taken 9 IB classes(I’m in the ib diploma program), 6 APs, and the rest were honors

my sat score is a 1240 but I plan to take it again in December and get at least a 1300-1350 range

Im in the top 34% of my class (kinda low)

My extracurriculars are fairly strong, I started my own political club, have a leadership position in another leadership club, and have a political internship, and I started my own small business, making $5,000 in the first three months

I’m highlighting that my extracurriculars center around the theme of politics.

I also have leadership positions in 2 other community service clubs.

My grades before senior year were 3.4, 2.9, 3.0, and then 4.0 for senior year. I think shows growth. Will they consider it?

LOL can someone help. hehe

@agirlri I believe that the most important element of the application to UF is the GPA / Class Rank and they are very selective. Being at the 34% of your class may not be enough. Does UF usually accept 35% of the students from your high school? Likely not. If not, is there a reason to believe that they would admit you over someone above you?

You say that your senior year GPA shows growth, but will you even have the first semester grades before applying? Typically, UF just looks at the first 3 years grades and your senior year schedule.

Your SAT score is well below the average of last year’s class. Even if you reach your target range, it will still be below the average last year. So, I don’t think that your GPA or SAT will be the reason for you to get admitted.

What we don’t know is your story and how you present that in your essay. You may have very good reasons for the lower grades, or other elements of your application that can set you apart.

Good luck!

I would say in a normal year you really don’t have the stats to get in. This year is weird though. Applications are down and none of us know what it’s going to look like. That being said I think innovation is your best shot if you really want to be a Gator.

I started a chancing profile on Collegevine, and it says I have an 88% chance. How accurate do you find these tools?

I don’t know anything about Collegevine, but that assessment does not align with what I have seen about UF admissions over the past three years. Never say never but I would recommend that you line up your safeties.

You need to know your UF GPA. Weighted on a 6pt scale doesn’t mean much. You can add .5 for Core honors (no electives) 1.0 for ALL AP/IB and AICE. 1.0 for Core dual enrollment(no electives). Get that number and repost. Middle 50% is 4.4 to 4.6.