Change from RD to ED at CMU?

Carnegie Mellon allows RD applicants to change to ED through 1/15/21. Do you think admission chances are better for ED applicants to the school of engineering?

Where did you see this info? How do I change from RD to ED if I already submitted my application?

Click on regular decision and scroll down to the italicized wording.

And they are claiming a decision in 1 week. How is this possible?
Has CMU always had this option to switch from RD to ED?

I’m interested in knowing the answer, as well.

This is essentially CMU’s stealthy ED2 program. They’ll give you a quick decision in exchange for a firm commitment.


They started thus last year. I don’t know if there are any stats on how many took advantage of the option or got acceptances. For what its worth, if CMU is definitely your first choice and FA isn’t a big hurdle then it does move up the decision a lot. CMU is traditionally very late with RD decisions, most years even later than Ivy day.


I’ll give you the answer. Acceptance! As promised in 1 week!


That’s fantastic! Congrats! Would you be willing to share your stats?


How were you notified? Email, postal mail or cmu portal?


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i submitted my ed request on jan 11th, and it was updated on my portal on 13th. any idea when i’ll be hearing back?

also, does anyone know if your are deferred to rd, will they still consider you for your second major?

updated means they changed your application type to “Early Decision” or they just added that the ED agreement is received? I requested for ED on Jan 3rd but it now still shows regular decision.

Sounded to me that the promise of “decision within one week” is bogus. It’s perhaps only one-week after they started to review your application and they can delay the start for any period of time.

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sooo true

hey! you should probably call the admissions office about that. mine changed to early decision within two days of submitting my request

yes i suspect this too unfortunately

I submitted the Agreement on Jan 9, it posted to my portal the 11th. I submitted the online change request form on Jan 11, and my portal updated to ED on Jan 13. Now I’m playing the waiting game for Information Systems ED!

Oh ok. Thanks so much