Changing Majors: Child Development to Liberal Studies.

so right now my major is child development, but i think i would like to be a teacher more in the long run. I'm not sure how this works because schedules are being put on and how would i change my schedule or major?.. i looked at the GE for both of these majors are they're about the same. could it be possible to double major in both of these?.. but it confuses me because liberal studies is in the college of science and math while child development is in liberal arts.. what should i do now? i'm attending soar on august 12 and i don't know how i could change my major when schedules are being made for me already.. i honestly want to do both but i seriously don't know what to do now..</p>

<p>my dream goal is to work at children's hospital or work in the pediatric department.. but also teaching would be a nice thing to do also.. any suggestions on what i should do now?</p>