Chapman BFA Theater Performance: What do we know about it?

My daughter was THRILLED to be accepted into the BFA program at Chapman for Theater Performance EA. She is so excited she is considering ceasing the rest of her auditions. We think it makes some sense since so much of what she wants in a career is what Chapman offers. At the same time, she may have some potentially strong other options based on a few Prescreen passes and academic acceptances.

Before we agree to this, I just wanted to reach out to this knowledgable community to get some perspective. What do we know about Chapman? Anyone have a child there? What are the career paths and options and what is unique about Chapman vs other great options like Emerson, NYU, Pace and BoCo? Daughter is a singer, but she is a strong actress as well.

Thank you!

My son added Chapman at the request of his coach- from what I have read, it looks very innovative and cutting edge. I would suggest powering through all auditions- many times when it comes to the finances, the more acceptances you have the more leverage you have. ( We are from NY and added this CA school to Cal Arts and USC) Good Luck!