Chapman Fall 2020 Transfers

Is there anyone who is still waiting for their decision? I’m scaredddddd
Edit: I applied as a film production major and did an interview

@buddy1230 yup I am. film production major as well, I didn’t get an interview.

They sent me an email yesterday and asked me for proof of high school graduation…so I guess they haven’t gone through my application yet bc it is incomplete. Hopefully there are still seats available when they get to me. And good luck to you and everyone!

I checked my status on Thursday and I am waitlisted for Film Production, which is very disheartening. However, I have not yet received an email stating that my portal has been updated, which confuses me. I’m not sure if this means that they’re considering me for my second choice, Creative Producing, however, it probably doesn’t mean anything. I just don’t get why I never got an email, especially after 4-5 days.

@bboy24 Where did you check your status? Is it the Application Status Page or My.Chapman student portal? Bc students won’t have access to the portal until they’re admitted.

@spenier did you receive any update from Chapman? Or you’re still waiting?

@buddy1230 application status portal. But I never got an email

@buddy1230 yup still waiting, I’m expecting to hear something back this week at least.

@Speiner Yeah I hope we can both hear back this week!

rejected. might appeal or at least contact to see how many transfers got into dodge this year. gl to everyone!

@spenier Let me know if you have more info! Anyone else hasn’t heard back yet?

I got accepted after my SGR but I deferred admission.

If you don’t mind me asking why was your GPA when they asked you for midterm grades and were you eventually accepted?

If I remember correctly, my gpa was 3.59-3.65. I did get accepted but decided to defer- due to Covid (school on-line). I think it really depends on your major.
BTW, I started a new thread for this year transfer students.

hi! i don’t know if you are still active on here but i have an interview for film prod coming up. do you remember what kind of questions they asked? i’m super nervous and want to be prepared