Chapman Fall 2020 Transfers

I just got accepted today to Chapman as a Business Administration Major with the Chapman University Founders Scholarship.

Anyone else hear back yet?

I was accepted yesterday for psychology with the Trustee’s Scholarship. What is the Founder’s Scholarship?

@transferchapman I found this on Chapman’s website: “The Board of Trustees and Founders Scholarships are awarded to new transfer students based on their GPAs at their previous colleges.”

I’m sure they are just different names for transfer merit scholarships. I would assume the amounts differ as well.

ugh! I just got a mid-term grade request.

Not as many people communicating in here as last year… Applying as a film production major hope to hear something back soon!

Hi, I am applying as an English major! Anticipating my decision letter… soon hopefully!

I got accepted for philosophy with a Legacy Scholarship today. I’m so excited to be transferring!

Accepted for sociology! GPA: 3.77.

Accepted for English! :slight_smile:

Accepted for business admin/finance with a scholarship!!!

GPA: 3.75
Major: Communications
[ *] Extracurriculars /leadership: Various throughout high school and college, consistent involvement
[ *] Job/Work Experience: Part-time throughout community college
[ *] Volunteer/Community service: none in college, extensive in high school
[ *] Personal Statement: explained journey from hs to community college, finding what I wanted to do
[ *] Instate?: Yes!
[ *] Previous/ Current School Type: California Community College
[ *] Gender: F
[ *] Hooks (URM, first-generation college, research, etc.): first gen, two research projects, honors/AP/IB throughout academic career

Applying to what schools? Chapman, CSUF, CSULB, Manhattan College, SDSU, UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCSD, USC
Accepted: Chapman, CSUF, CSULB, Manhattan College
Denied: SDSU

Looking to meet other people considering attending… reply back! :slight_smile:

Accepted for Film Production with Trustee Scholarship!

@Kodi80 I’m still waiting to hear back. I’ve been refreshing the portal status constantly, but I think it’s a longshot

do u have a link to your visual sample?

@Kodi80 what are your stats? link to your visual sample?

@Speiner I’m assuming you’re talking to Kodi, but this is mine

I know it’s not great so we’ll see. I’ve been dreaming of going here, so I’m so happy for all the others that got in

@bboy24 I was but I love to see what everyone is producing this year! Here’s mine if you want to check it out… I still haven’t heard back

@Speiner here are my stats, but I don’t want to share my visual sample.

GPA: 3.77
Major: Film Production
[ *] Extracurriculars /leadership: Leader of high school video broadcast
[ *] Job/Work Experience: Some media and video internships, freelance video work, instructor at summer film workshop for high schoolers
[ *] Volunteer/Community service: none
[ *] Personal Statement: talked about the spelling of my name and my heritage
[ *] Applied for Financial Aid: Yes, and received trustee scholarship
[ *] Instate?: Yes
[ *] Previous/ Current School Type: California Community College
[ *] Gender: F
[ *] Hooks (URM, first-generation college, research, etc.): Don’t know if this counts as a hook: films have been selected at film festivals around the country

Applying to what schools? Chapman, LMU, NYU
Accepted: Chapman, LMU
Denied: None so far

@Kodi80 is chapman your top choice? When did you send in your app, was it a bit of time before the deadline?

@Speiner Yeah Chapman is my top choice along with NYU. I turned in my app the day before the transfer deadline so kinda last minute