Charleston RD decisions

Can anyone from past years tell me when they got their regular decisions back from CoC? I didn’t see a date on the website. Is it rolling?

I don’t know if it is rolling. We have not heard from the admissions department. I know that parents I’ve talked to said that in the past for regular decision that they heard as early as the 2 weeks of March all the way to April 1st.

I am a tad concerned that while the portal stays that the application is 100% complete and the application “is under review,” that the due date has changed to March 1, 2020. It used to read February 15.

The CofC website says that if your application is complete by Feb. 15th that you’ll receive a decision by April 1st.

Hope that helps.

I saw in another group that someone was admitted last week, so it makes me think it is rolling. April 1st is just so late in the game- I hope it doesn’t get to there. My daughter submitted her app on December 18th, so it’s a very long wait.

milgymfam-- by any chance did your daughter apply for any departmental scholarships? If so, the way I’m reading the CofC site, I think you will find out if you get a scholarship by March 1st. And the way they talked during auditions was that the reason you don’t find out until March 1st is that they don’t want to award scholarships to potential students who don’t get into the college. Hopefully, we’ll all hear soon!

She did, actually, with confirmation last month from the department that they received her application and were reviewing it. That is good info, thank you!

My son just heard from the music department with a scholarship offer (email). However, he has not gotten any notification of acceptance from the CofC. I’m hoping the departments have to check with the admissions people before they offer a scholarship :wink:

@PlatoMom23 congrats to your son! My daughter confirmed with the dance department that they hold off on the scholarships to wait for admissions. Sounds like it worked out for your son! My daughter, unfortunately has not heard anything.

My D received her acceptance today!

Yeah! Congrats to your daughter (and you)!!! My son also got his acceptance email on the 25th. Has your daughter decided where she’s headed? That’s a whole new layer of stress :wink:

@PlatoMom23 no, she is still waiting on two decisions and hasn’t visited CoC (nor 2 other schools where she has been admitted) yet. We are trying to plan a visit to CoC but the department is being slow to answer her request for a visit.

Regular decision notification updated in their portal today! Congrats to those already accepted! My S got in :smile:

@Tiki24 congrats to your son! We are going to be visiting campus the beginning of April. Unfortunately accepted students days didn’t work for my D’s needs, but the department got back to her to set up a personalized visit.

My son got his acceptance today but is unable to create his My Charleston account. he keeps getting an error.

@dunpheyaa it was about 24 hours after her acceptance that my daughter was able to create her account.

Thanks @milgymfam ! Congrats to you too! Hope she loves it! Such a great city!

@milgymfam Do you mind sharing which department? We are visiting mid-April, also not on accepted students day. DS getting a little bit of a run around about setting up a business school meeting/sit in on a class. Admissions sent him to the department, the department sent him back to admissions…

@CTCape its the dance department. They’ve been super helpful all around. I’m not sure their dance major has enough actual dancing in it for my D, unfortunately. Someone told me that there is only one technique class required the first year, which is less than most school’s minors. They haven’t answered that question directly yet though.