Chem 141 or 181 for non-pre-meds?

<p>I heard that chemistry majors should take 181 over 141, but I'm having trouble fitting it into my schedule because it's at an awkward time block and it also has too many labs. Would I be at any disadvantage if I took 141 over 181 and I'm majoring in chemistry? I am definitely not a pre-med.</p>

<p>For authoritative advice, go to the Chemistry Department website, find out who the Director of Undergraduate Studies is, and email that person with your query. </p>

<p>In general, though, getting a rigorous foundation in your major should be one of your highest priorities. It's pretty standard for science courses to involve long labs at less-than-optimum times, and you will often have to schedule your other activities around them. If you plan to major in chemistry, you'll have to get used to it.</p>